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5 Ridiculous home design trends that need to die

Architectural design in Orange County CA has certainly improved in the past few decades. Not only have people warmed up to the idea of exploring new designs and techniques that are prevalent in the rest of the country and the world, a lot of tacky and poor designs have also been pushed into extinction. However good these advancements have been for the industry, just like fashion has some strict Do’s and Don’ts, some designs are still being used that appear criminally silly.


Here are the top 5 ridiculous home design trends and trends of architectural design in Orange County CA that need to die –

  1. Taxidermy

Dead animals do not belong on a wall. Certainly, at first, when having bison heads and antlers taxidermized on the wall was first introduced, this trend had a certain ranch vibe to it that added a certain degree of pastoral charm to the modern-day lifestyle. In this day and age, it looks as if the animals have been hung on far too many walls. Although the process by which these architectural pieces are gathered considered as unacceptable nowadays, almost every house has it!

Reason to move on – In the earlier days when hunting was used as a tool for diminishing over producing the animal population, the trend was both practical and appealing to the eye. It is time to leave this practice in the history of interior design and adapt to newer designs.

  1. Chevron

Of all the interior design trends that have swept the nation in the past few decades, the most number of people fell in love with the chevron pattern like no other design ever before. There was a time in the country where a majority of the houses were decorated with Chevron, all around the house!

Reason to move on – What used to be a sight for sore eyes, has become the reason for its soreness. Chevron has been overdone by so many people that the trend never really got the chance to become exclusive. After losing its exclusivity, it became a fading trend which modern-day critics of interior design and architectural design in Orange County CA just won’t approve.

  1. Grey

Grey is a hard color. If not done correctly, what the homeowner gets is a taciturn room that gives off the feeling of a cement cellar instead of a friendly, modern space. Undeniably, most designer publications show how to suitably be successful with this color by filling up the room with tonal-grey coloring and matching everything with lively lights, big windows and silver trim.

Sadly, this look only works on Photo-shopped pictures and not in real life.

Reason to move on – The grey look for a room comes with plenty of pre-requisites, and the final look may not even be as good as anticipated. Instead of using that color, a home owner nowadays has the choice of spicing the rooms up using patterns such as

  • bright fuchsia
  • saffron emerald
  • teal

These colors help in bringing back the warmth of a room.

  1. Minimalism

Who doesn’t appreciate a fine line? Who doesn’t appreciate the silhouette of a really gorgeous piece of contemporary furniture? However, minimalism has become too overrated. It is a trend which had its roots in the dark necessities during the recent period of recession. However, now that the period is thankfully over and people are economically viable again, it is time to add some features, finish and fun to the interiors.

Reason to move on – Right from architectural floor plans to design of drapes, surrendering everything to the quest for minimalism is no fun. Times have changed, so have the trends.

  1. Following Trends!

Following silly trends and re-doing the rooms every year is another trend that needs to be demolished! People need to follow their instinct and try out different things. They shouldn’t be afraid to break the rules. Paint a rustic lodge green and fill it with unconventional furniture. After all, it is the owner’s choice! Being original and innovative is far more commendable than blindly repeating trends.

Home design is about expressing one’s inner-self. That is how it should be practiced!

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