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What were they thinking? Nightmare “Luxury” homes we hope to never see in person.

Money doesn’t buy happiness… and it definitely doesn’t buy good taste. Even though there are lots of beautiful luxury homes in Orange County CA, there are some equally bad nightmare “Luxury” homes out here too. Most of these homes tend to make some common mistakes. Here are some of the major mistakes that these homeowners make –


The exact opposite of beautiful luxury homes in Orange County CA– The Mistakes They Make –

  • Going Easy on Quality

California is notorious for having an extensive market where people can buy cheap, faux types of decorative materials – right from hand-made tiles, wooden floorboards to amalgamated work surfaces. A lot of people choose to go easy on the quality, opting to use these second-grade materials in the most luxurious developments. Doing so is a big no-no. As alluring as it is to purchase the most inexpensive decorative items when it comes to reselling the property, potential buyers notice instantly if a house owner has cut corners.

Another bad way to go around one’s home interior design choice of plan is to replicate other developers but doing so with a lower budget and lower standards. It is the perfect recipe for a nightmare ‘luxury home and just isn’t tolerable. Even if someone is looking to get done with the architectural design at a low budget, choosing appliances, fittings, and furnishings that will last longer and not for the reason that they bear a resemblance to something super-luxurious is way more sensible. Scrimping on the home exterior is another major fault because most buyers decide whether or not they want to buy a property before they even step into the front door.

  • Going Over the Top

It is similarly unpardonable to go over the top of the home interior design. Most interior design critics and potential buyers every so often get put off by extravagant marble restrooms with rock crystal interiors and silky rugs. Keeping one’s feet on the ground and opting for a fresh finish is way more appealing than going for anything too elaborate. The most beautiful luxury homes in Orange County CA tend to be classy and simple.

  • Too much Personalization is Tacky

Imposing one’s taste too much on a project, distances potential buyers. Unlike what many people think, a house with a neutral taste does not mean that it is boring. There are plenty of beautiful luxury homes in Orange County CA that are neutral and not at all personalized as per the owner’s wishes. A lot of people tend to fall into this trap of over-personalization. Just think, how many purchasers will appreciate a landscape designed to please an owner’s personal taste? Homeowners should strive to always keep their rooms and their exteriors as bright and light as probable. Of course, every luxury home should have some degree of personal touch. However, any top realtor in Orange County CA will say that getting every inch of the house customized in a way so that the owner can relate to it can get tacky.

  • Luxury Houses with Too Many Bedrooms

Opposing to what many unprofessional designers think, a house with a lot of bedrooms doesn’t essentially make for a more valued house. Even though investing in top-quality bedroom design in Orange County CA is a good idea, designers should emphasize on the outline of their project, certifying that the rooms drift together and there is a sense of equilibrium of entertainment space, living areas, and bedrooms. If the space planning of a house is poor, even the best Orange County real estate agent will not be able to sell the property, regardless of how high-quality the finish is.

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