Irvine CA is a city rooted in precision and design. Founded in the 1960s by the Irvine Company, in collaboration with architect William Pereira, the city is now an affluent hub for corporate headquarters, making it an ideal location for strong and stable employment, which keeps the best realtor in Irvine CA on their toes. Keeping up traditions of precision and design are furniture stores in Irvine CA, renowned for their craftsmanship and quality.


High-end designers have settled themselves here, with the likes of Marc Pridmore Designs, Between the Sheets and Cantoni being just a handful of furniture stores in Irvine CA. The affluent nature of the area brings with it a level of class and sophistication when it comes to interior design, almost unrivaled elsewhere in the country, which further boosts the value of the area and its homes in particular. Independent boutiques and internationally renowned brands can both be found on Irvine’s streets,  and whether you consider yourself a mid-century modernist, more of a traditionalist or even a minimalist, furniture stores in Irvine CA have your needs met.

Best Realtor Hiring in Irvine CA

You may even be a budding or established interiors maker yourself, making this a perfect destination to set up shop and let your business blossom, and with the best realtor in Irvine CA in Gerry Goodman on your doorstep, matching the city’s precise and considered nature, to introduce you to Irvine’s most convenient neighborhoods for local commerce, the toughest part of setting up will be made as easy as possible. Mr. Goodman has over a quarter of a century of experience with real estate and property management in the Southern California area, and Irvine in particular, making him one of the most qualified and community verified realtors in the region.

Other Shopping Opportunities

Besides furniture stores in Irvine CA, there is world class shopping in other departments also. Jewelry aficionados will be able to browse the local Diamond Jamboree for accompanying pieces to go with their new OC Couture dress or Aris outfit. For casual shopping, there are malls a-plenty in Irvine, with Quail Hill and West Park Plaza shopping centers and the Irvine Spectrum Center for starters.

If all of the retail therapy and trudging around furniture stores in Irvine CA has brought on a mighty hunger, the selection of eateries is just as broad. Houston’s, Bistango and Paul Martin’s American Grill are some of the local favorites, offering national and regional classics as well as international cuisine to die for. The options are never ending, making the city a world revered destination for luxury lifestyle seekers.

Homes and Earnings in Irvine

Irvine CA is a secure and cared for city by its populous. Median house prices in the city stand at around $950,000, compared with $500,000 as an average for Southern California and a national average in the region of $250,000. This alongside expert opinion that median house prices will continue to grow due to California’s strong economy and the demand for housing in the area being higher than supply, means Irvine is the perfect location for both a home and an investment opportunity.

Matching high property prices are the strength of local incomes. Average personal income in Irvine stands at over $43,000, with household incomes averaging at $91,900. Match this with unemployment figures of 3.3%, job growth over the last year at 2%, and a decade long prediction of 41.2%, you have a job and social security which far out achieves national averages and predictions.


Gerry Goodman Real Estate Services

Gerry Goodman Real Estate, the best realtor in Irvine CA is on hand with over 25 years of experience in the city and Southern California more generally, to help you and your family find the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood for you. As well as using his and his team’s own experience in the area, Mr. Goodman will tap into local MLS listings to help you gauge the best and most realistic price of homes in the area. MLS listings are a shared database of information between realtors in the Irvine CA area, allowing each agency to be more transparent with clients regarding currently listed properties. This helps to reduce potential exploitation of both seller and buyer and undercutting competitors in the local area market by allowing an open-share of current listing prices in each neighborhood and area of Irvine.

For help with decision making and property location or information, contact the best realtor in Irvine CA, Gerry Goodman Real Estate. No one in Irvine is more qualified, with as dedicated a team or experience that comes as close as Gerry Goodman. Hiring the best realtor in Irvine CA comes with obvious benefits, such as receiving in-depth information regarding different areas and neighborhoods to both live in and commute to, knowledge of local and regional attractions and quality local infrastructure for those with children that means the best schools in the district and for those inflicted with ill health that means the best medical care in the area. Buying a home with the best realtor in Irvine CA means more than just buying a home, it means buying into the community, with someone from the community who understands the importance of community.

For the first time home buyers, ensure that you speak to Mr. Goodman and his dedicated team about HOA savings. HOA is a financial entitlement for up to six months to help with the costs that making your debut on the housing market can incur. Different entitlements are available and only the best realtor in Irvine CA will be able to properly explain, in-depth, the true choices and opportunities available to you.

Moreover, Irvine is a city filled with opportunity for every one of its residents, of all ages and demographics. Irvine is community-centric and a warm, welcoming place, where once cemented, you’re unlikely to look to leave.

Get in touch with the best realtor in Irvine CA to get more information about local and regional listings and investment opportunities.

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