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Laguna Beach is an incredible place to live, making it a very popular destination for those looking for homes for sale in the area. I have been working in the Laguna Beach area for decades as one of California’s most experienced best real estate agent in Laguna Beach, helping individuals and families find their most desirable real estate in this incredible California town.

Known for its vibrant art culture, Laguna Beach is a small coastal town in Orange County, California with a population of under 25,000 residents. It is a spread out town, being a town that chose to build outward, rather than upward knowing that earthquakes are a risk in California, which gives the town an open feeling contrary to the feeling of the big city where there are many high rises and large buildings.

Laguna Beach is a popular place for commuters due to its close proximity to both Los Angeles and San Diego. Those who work in the big cities have the great benefit of having to drive only 50-70 miles to Laguna Beach, where they can enjoy the small town feel as well as life by the Pacific Ocean.

One of the best things about Laguna Beach is the weather, one of the reasons people always come to me wanting to see the homes for sale in the area Laguna Beach. As a beach town, you see people out and about all the time, being active, because the weather allows people to be, whether it is playing in many of the organized sports the town has to offer, or taking part in water sports such as surfing. For families who purchase Laguna Beach real estate, will usually enroll their children in the surf, many choosing to enjoy the activity as a whole family.

I’ve found families enjoy the small town feel of Laguna Beach making in a top place to have children and raise families. It has some of the most advanced schools in California, with educational options and curriculum’s to meet the desires of families of all background. Students enjoy small class sizes and are taught by some of the country’s most qualified teachers and leaders in education. Recreationally, families often enjoy taking in some of the art at local art galleries, or marvel at marine life at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, while also taking an opportunity to spend quality time on some of the area’s many beautiful beaches. The best real estate agent in Laguna Beach has homes for sale to meet the needs of any size of a family.

One thing that I have found very interesting about Laguna Beach is that not only is it a place where families live and grow, but it is also a popular destination for holiday homes. People who use my services gain access to some of the most exclusive listings for holiday homes for sale in the Laguna Beach area. Once they have found the perfect holiday home, they not only get the benefit of having a prime best real estate agent in Laguna Beach but also the potential to make significant financial gains through their investment. With careful planning, people who buy Laguna Beach homes for sale as holiday homes can enlist the help of qualified property management teams to manage their property for them. This proves to be a very economically beneficial arrangement for people who buy holiday homes in Laguna Beach.

Residents of Laguna Beach love the art scene and have the benefit of enjoying several art galleries and art festivals throughout the year that brings several people to town annually.  Laguna Beach is home to over 70 art galleries and over 400 working artists, making it a perfect destination for those with a creative spirit. Combined with its excellent culinary diversity, Laguna Beach feels like a vacation spot, even for those who live there year-round. Residents and visitors can enjoy culinary dishes from all over the world by trying something new every night from one of the dozens of restaurants the city is home to.

Those who enlist my services in Laguna Beach real estate will gain the benefit of having access to the best listings for homes for sale in Laguna Beach. As a best real estate agent in Laguna Beach CA, I work closely with individuals and families to understand exactly what they are looking for in real estate in Laguna Beach and work with them to find the best home possible for them. I know that Laguna Beach has something for everyone – every lifestyle, every budget, every motivation for choosing Laguna Beach, and I work to find everyone in my clientele the perfect home for sale that they envisioned when they chose Laguna Beach for their home. Call me today to start the process of getting you your Laguna Beach dream by checking out my Laguna Beach real listings.

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