Are you about to start the process of selling your Orange County home? It can be an exciting yet emotional time when making such a huge life change. You and your family will most likely want to focus more on the transition process than on the technicalities of real estate. So how are you going to find the best real estate agent in Orange County CA to list your home? A bit of research goes a long way. During your search keep in mind that there are professionals who want to help guide you through this process and make sure you are getting the best deal possible. Do not settle for anyone less than trustworthy, knowledgeable and reputable Orange County real estate agent.


As you make the nerve-wracking leap onto the housing market, there are many things to consider. But it is not your job to know the in’s and out’s of real estate, that is why there are experts available to you. Having a step by step grasp on what you can expect can help prepare you for the process. The first step is establishing the value of your property. There are many things that can contribute to this value. Location, property size and condition, and even the value of the surrounding houses will impact that final number. As you list your Orange County home, you can expect to weigh and measure all of these components regarding your home’s value.

Believe it or not, a natural knack for interior decorating will help greatly when it comes to putting your Orange County home up for sale. Enter the professionals. Your best real estate agent in Orange County CA should have a trained eye when it comes to even the simplest techniques furniture placement. The smallest adjustments can make a large difference when it comes to showing off your home. Whether it is at an open house or an advertisement, you will want your home to be inviting, appealing and something that potential buyers will be drawn to.

The final steps, negotiation and the eventual “closing of the deal”, will require astute and dedicated professional knowledge. Finding the best real estate agent in Orange County CA for the job is essential when it comes to securing a settled price that appeases you and the buyer. Sometimes, this can be difficult to achieve, however experts in the field of real estate are practiced in such things and will coach you through the process with honesty and realistic estimations. It will be detrimental to your experience to find a trusted expert, with a lot of experience, reputability, and compassion. After all, this process is not just about money; there will be up’s, down’s, moments of hope and doubt. Your dedicated real estate agent is there to ensure the smoothest operation possible and consistently keep your thoughts and feelings in mind.



Let’s face it, it is hard to put your trust in someone when it comes to such a huge step. You will find it a lot easier to trust someone who has this one, simple thing; experience. Experience may be the difference between achieving the real estate goals you had in mind, and perhaps falling short. That being said, everyone has to start somewhere, there will be professionals with less experience than others; that is where your judgment comes in. Reputability is a close second to experience. Someone who has a solid and trusted reputation will have you rest easy when you put the weight of your home in their hands. The best real estate agent in Orange County CA is the one you trust.


About Gerry Goodman Real Estate Services

Over 25 years of experience and reputable service is what makes Gerry Goodman Real Estate Services such an esteemed Orange County real estate agent. Mr. Goodman is equally proud of his hardworking team, that have successfully represented a number of buyers and sellers. It is the mission of Gerry Goodman that his clients understand what to expect when it comes to buying and selling a home, and that it is your vision that drives his guidance. While there have to be realistic expectations, you can expect the utmost of dedication, compassion and drive to succeed for you; the valued client, customer, and individual.

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