Anaheim is a buzzing and vibrant city within the touching distance of Los Angeles in Southern California. A hub for commuters to the City of Angels and a business-friendly city in itself, Anaheim is an excellent location to settle and make a home of, making the best realtor in Anaheim CA extremely busy.

For those with a business or passion within a certain field, Anaheim is also home to the Anaheim Convention Center; events here can range from religious conventions to sporting events and from design and home shows to medical expositions. For construction dons, there is the California Construction Expo; fashionistas and sportswear enthusiasts can stay on trend, thanks to SneakerCon; travel addicts can marvel at what the world has to offer in the form of the Adventures Worth Exploring event. The list is truly endless with near-daily Anaheim Convention Center events and expositions.


With a population of just over 345,000 Anaheim is a relatively small city and is very much community oriented. There are numerous events held throughout the year to bring locals and tourists together to celebrate its culture and cohesiveness.

The city recently held its 3rd Annual Anaheim Community Information and Resource Fair at the local Downtown community center. The event aims to open avenues of dialogue with residents and provide a wealth of information about the area as well as bring people together. Information available surrounds health and wellness, local educational and children´s services or programs and much, much more.

Other exciting events include the classic Cinco de Mayo festival and a Children´s Festival. With the most spectacular of all being the Concerts in the Canyon live events, with bands and tribute acts throughout the ages in a venue of acoustic godliness and gourmet food trucks spread around the site, what more could you possibly request?

To become part of the community here and ensure you never miss events such as these, why not speak with the best realtor in Anaheim CA? Gerry Goodman has been loyally providing his real estate expertise in the Anaheim and Orange County area for over a quarter of a century and has built the most concrete reputation within the local community as the go-to real estate professional.

Activities & Attractions

As well as the Anaheim Convention Center events, Anaheim is also home to many other attractions, with Disneyland Resort, Disney California and Downtown Disney to keep the whole family utterly entertained.

For sports fans, the area is also the home of the Honda Center, where the Mighty Ducks reign supreme in the world of Ice Hockey, and the Angel Stadium, stomping ground to the similarly entertaining Los Angeles Angels baseball team.

Not only are there countless entertainment and attraction opportunities in Anaheim, there also happen to be the Pacific Ocean and countless wilderness trails and coastal walks to enjoy during your free time. Pastimes such as surfing or fishing are very popular here, as are marine conservation and environmental protection schemes.

Employment and Opportunities

Being so close to the likes of Los Angeles, San Diego and surrounding cities, the Pacific Ocean and the wilderness encircling Anaheim, employment opportunities here are ripe. Anaheim Convention Center events employ a large number of local residents also, with a number of opportunities ranging from door staff and kiosk attendants to stage management and positions in security detail available.

Unemployment rates have been falling steadily for over half a decade and now stand at a lowly 4%, a reduction from 4.6% in the same period in 2016.

Alongside positive unemployment figures, average salaries in the Anaheim area stand at over $48,000 per annum and have seen an increase of 1.3% in just the first quarter of 2017. One of the biggest employers in the area is the Walt Disney Company, with numerous parks and upper management opportunities available.


Anaheim area is a real bedrock for education. Of the twelve high schools in the area, eleven post-graduation statistics of students at over 87%. Alongside generally excellent schools, Anaheim boasts the second best high school in the state of California, Oxford Academy. With a reported 100% graduation rate and 100% college readiness statistic, there are truly few schools in the entire nation that compete with its exemplary tuition.

With early age development being vital for children, it is also important that local elementary schools live up to the standard of the high schools in order to produce pupils which are ready, both academically and socially for the next level education. Anaheim hosts particularly high-quality elementary schools, with Anaheim Hills, Crescent and Running Springs all receiving excellent reports, alongside countless other institutions within the city´s boundaries.

To take advantage of these excellent opportunities for education for your children and secure a property in the right schooling catchment, get in touch with Gerry Goodman Real Estate, the best realtor in Anaheim CA with over twenty five years of experience in the local area, helping to secure the right home for thousands upon thousands of Anaheim residents.


Due to its city status, Anaheim has an eclectic mix of housing types for differing aesthetic or amenity preferences, as well as a range of options for budgets of all magnitudes. The average house price in the city is $568,800, which is higher than that of the California average of $440,000. This reflects its desirable status as a city with security and education at its heart, as well as its commuting distance to nearby cities and the great outdoors. 

First time home buyers in California should ensure that you are briefed about your potential HOA rights. The HOA plan is an entitlement of up to six months financial help for first time property buyers and could assist you with additional payments that buying your first home can accumulate. The best realtor in Anaheim CA, Gerry Goodman Real Estate is well versed in HOA opportunities and would be more than happy to run you through your rights and entitlements.

Contact Gerry Goodman Real Estate, the best realtor in Anaheim CA and entire Orange County area, to secure a home in the area.

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