Known as Surf City, U.S.A, Huntington Beach, CA is a coastal town which encompasses the dream of living by the sea, wholeheartedly. With options for leisure time extending from the world renowned board life and ingrained community focus, to the full spectrum of eateries for all manner of tastes, Huntington Beach is a town like no other for truly living. This is why many seek out the best realtor in Huntington Beach CA to indulge them with a number of available properties in the area.

With 8.5 miles of beach to explore, numerous delectable restaurants in Huntington Beach and year-round So Cal sun to enjoy, the decision to move here is a simple one, and with the help of the best realtor in Huntington Beach CA, this seemingly unattainable, dream-like lifestyle could so easily be yours.

Restaurants in Huntington Beach

The waves aren’t just being made by the ocean here, with a wealth of stunning restaurants in Huntington Beach. With a coastline on one side and the mainland on the other, the area has the luxury of having the best sources of the best food in the country. This array of choice is another reason the best realtor in Huntington Beach CA, is busy with demand for property in the area quite high.

> Fine Dining

The aptly named Watertable restaurant at the Hyatt Regency, Huntington Beach is a simply exquisite dining experience, applying local and regional techniques to pair with a  contemporary menu. As well as impeccable food, the bar hosts an enviable stock of the finest wines and craft beers currently available. The type of dining experience you will wish to return to at soonest convenience.     

> Family Friendly

Secret Spot is one of the most popular restaurants in Huntington Beach, a vegan and vegetarian option with a reputation for serving ‘king healthy food, from kind healthy people’, you and your nearest and dearest will feel both ethically enriched and utterly stuffed at the same time.

> Casual Eating

For Mediterranean inspired eating in a relaxed and cozy setting, head for dinner at the Black Trumpet Bistro. Its menu includes tapas or meze-style dining with cuisines ranging from French and Italian to Spanish and Moroccan. The flavors will stay with you long after your meal is finished.             


Aside from the hundreds of delicious restaurants in Huntington Beach, the community can be one of the main draws for many. The community spirit in Huntington Beach is strong and admirable. In 2014 alone, there were over 56,000 hours of volunteer hours logged, as well as in-kind donations to the city reaching a staggering $1.5 million. This natural urge to give and help fellow community members compliments the city, bringing a cohesive and co-operative foundation to everything that is done here. In turn, this ensures that happiness and security in a community isn’t something that only ‘haves’ achieve, but something that everyone in Huntington Beach can attain. When seeking out the best realtor in Huntington Beach CA, make sure they give you information on updates in which you can get involved.

Employment and Opportunities 

Opportunities are rife in Huntington Beach with unemployment figures as low as 5.7%, contrast this with California’s figures of 7% unemployment and it paints a pretty picture for the local economy. On top of this, the median income per resident is over $42,000, which is over $14,000 per year above the national average. Median household income stands at over $82,000, accumulating to nearly $30,000 higher than the average household income. Opportunities are generous in Huntington Beach, and the lifestyle is of one of the highest standards in the most developed country in the world.


Local education is highly regarded, with students benefiting from excellent support from their time in regional schools. Six of the seven high schools located in the district reported graduation rates of 94% and above, with three of the seven topping 97%. The only school where graduate percentage dropped below 80% was Coast High, where 79% of students still managed to graduate. 

Activities & Attractions

Aside from the world class surfing and the incredible restaurants in Huntington Beach, the area has countless experiences to indulge in and sights to explore. From the Huntington Beach Pier, where a stroll, hand-in-hand with an old flame and the sea breeze is as good a therapy session as any hourly rate imaginable could offer. And what’s not to love about white sand beaches with volleyball tournaments, an open space to run for miles, or a simple afternoon’s sunbathe being the optimal pastimes?

For those interested in how the area gives back to its marine habitat there’s the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve, ensuring the local endangered or threatened species are protected for current and future generations to come. All of this, plus plenty more offerings are what keeps Huntington Beach a desirable, truly memorable location to live in and visit for thousands of people and the best realtor in Huntington Beach CA forever busy!


The mix of styles here is what makes the area so unique. You’re unlikely to spot the same piece of architecture twice, and whilst in some cities across the world, this can produce a landscape of eyesores, in Huntington Beach, it’s quite the opposite. Despite their differences, the homes come together as an eclectic but bonded by subtle ties to one another. What’s more, with house prices averaging $736,000 and home appreciation up 3.9% over the previous 12 months, now is an excellent time to buy in Huntington Beach as an investment as well as a to call a place home.


Gerry Goodman Real Estate

When looking to invest in or buy a home in this high demand area, be sure to speak with the best realtor in Huntington Beach CA, Gerry Goodman Real Estate. With over 25 years of experience in the local area, there is no one better qualified or more knowledgeable in real estate and property in the Huntington Beach locale.

For first time buyers, ensure you’re aware of your potential HOA rights. The HOA plan is an entitlement for eligible first time property buyers and could help you with the additional payments that owning your first home can rack up.

Get in contact with Gerry Goodman Real Estate, the best realtor in Huntington Beach CA to secure a home that is perfect for you and your family.

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