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Best Realtor in Tustin CA – Gerry Goodman Real Estate

Tustin, CA is a shining diamond in the heart of Southern California. This statement is more than just a metaphor as one of the top diamond importers in the United States can be found here in the form of the Jewelry Exchange in Tustin. It is far from the only reason to want to settle down here, being a small communal city with a super homely feel there is a huge draw to living here. Gerry Goodman Real Estate is the best realtor in Tustin CA to find a perfect home for you, with over 25 years of experience in the local area.

Golden West Diamond Corporation, another name for the Jewelry Exchange in Tustin offers a wide variety of services to meet your jewelry or diamond related needs. Whether you are simply looking for a fashionable piece to complete a stunning dinner outfit, searching for a gift for an old friend, or looking at the bigger picture in life and finding the right ring to pop the question, Jewelry Exchange in Tustin has you covered. In addition to their own range of exquisite diamond encrusted jewelry, Jewelry Exchange in Tustin offer a trademarked Create Your Own Ring service to give you a completely personalized experience, and help you to provide yourself or loved ones with an utterly unique piece.

Jewelry Exchange in Tustin is more than just a nationally renowned diamond importer and distributor, it is a local institution. Starting from humble beginnings as a father-son pawn shop partnership, growing to the epic heights that are now the Jewelry Exchange in Tustin, it is a testament to the American Dream. The Jewelry Exchange in Tustin is now engrained in local life and is a huge local employer, with the company HQ of this highly successful national business being located here.

76,000 people call Tustin CA home, helping it to remain a community led town and its location in Southern California means you are far enough but never too far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. There is a strong appeal to Tustin for those seeking a more relaxed way of life. What´s more,  the average house price in Tustin CA is $501,500, making it very affordable compared to its larger neighbors and with an average household income of $71,105 and a very low unemployment rate of 4.1% it is a location offering a very strong quality of life.

Crime Rates in Tustin are very low. Compared to the state of California, Tustin´s average sits 26% lower, and is 21% lower than that of the national average, highlighting just how safe an environment Tustin is to raise families in, to retire to, or live a simple and safe life in general.

For first time home buyers, make sure that you discuss your eligibility for the C.A.Rs HOA fund. This is incredibly beneficial as the fund provides all qualified first-time home buyers with up to six months of HOA dues. It is a financial support that can help break barriers to owning your first home. Gerry Goodman Real Estate will help you with all of your queries as the best realtor in Tustin CA.

Tustin calls itself home to award winning schools. With both public and private schooling options, your personal preference for your children´s education shall not be obstructed.  The rate of graduation is very high in the area, too, with over 85% of pupils in Tustin CA passing high school, many of which progress to undertake a college degree.

With the Pacific Ocean a literal stone´s throw away, the nearby beach offers opportunities for nature lovers and water sports fanatics alike. Hiking trails such as Peter’s Canyon compliment the area and offer a refuge from city living on your doorstep. Tustin also hosts a variety of parks, from sports fields and recreational grounds to great picnic spots. For those with an affinity for the putting green, one of the best clubs in Orange County can be found in the form of the Tustin ranch golf club offers the opportunity for that perfect Sunday wind down. The best realtor in Tustin CA, Gerry Goodman Real Estate will be happy to assist you in finding a property that is close to many of these locations, or any other local attractions.

For patients of retail therapy, shopping in Tustin is up there with the best in the world. The same goes for the foodies, with a diverse range of restaurants from all four corners of the planet, you will be able to tantalize your taste buds and keep your wardrobe up-to-date consistently. Tustin, CA makes the perfect family destination, as to whether you are the surf-star, best pitcher in peewee baseball, an avid woodsman or a socialite in need of cocktails and catch ups, the city has something for everyone.

Farmers markets line the streets of Tustin regularly, as do fairs, fundraising events, and festivals. It´s truly a community led town which is very tight-knit and will look to make you feel welcome as soon as you arrive.

When looking for your perfect home in Tustin, CA, don´t settle for anything but the best realtor in Tustin CA. With over 25 years in the business, Gerry Goodman has been loyally working with customers in not only Tustin, but the entire Orange County area. He is renowned for a deep understanding of the local housing market, offering the real value for homes in the area, and his team is passionate about finding their customers the perfect neighborhood to live in which meets all requirements. Gerry and his team have won over the loyalty of many in the community in Tustin CA, thanks to ensuring that they receive an investment they will cherish for years to come.

Get in contact with Gerry Goodman Real Estate, the best realtor in Tustin CA to ensure you find the perfect family home for sale in Tustin CA within your price range.

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