Yorba Linda is a small, community-driven town in Southern California. Much of this community spirit revolves around Yorba Linda Public Library, the hub of the town. Despite its relatively short history, the library has become a breeding ground for social activities in the town. Alongside typical library related events such as book discussion groups, the Yorba Linda Public Library also hosts a whole range of activities and other such communal projects. From family friendly activities, such as their Fantastic Family Story time and child focused events like their Wacky Wednesdays for 3-6-year-olds to more specific groups such as their DIY by Design and Card Making for Veterans workshops, as well as many, many more offerings, there is truly something to bring the entirety of its 64,000 population together. Yorba Linda Public Library offers local residents the opportunity to improve trade and practical skills, as well as simply hiring out books and DVDs. With 3D printing, 3D design and the M2 Lab available for users, forward thinking careers or pastimes can be experimented in full at the library, proving it is far more than a basic resource center, as so many libraries can turn out to be. If all of these offerings are making you think of moving to such a wondrous community, why not get in touch with the best realtor in Yorba Linda CA? With over 25 years of service in the local area, there are few who come close to the qualifications of Gerry Goodman, a respected and loyal name in Yorba Linda, and the Southern California area, more generally.

Yorba Linda Activities and Opportunities

The city of Yorba Linda itself lies within a valley in Orange County, less than an hour’s drive from Los Angeles. Known as the land of gracious living, locals consider themselves blessed to call such a stunning and fruitfully abundant part of the world home. As well as the community spirit produced with the help of the Yorba Linda Public Library, the city is also home to a whole host of attractions and sights.

For those who recall the times of the late President Richard Nixon with fondness, you can relive them via the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum located in Yorba Linda. The Republican POTUS and former actor was born and raised in the city.

Family fun seekers embark on South American pack animal adventures with Shangri Llama where walks with llamas and alpacas along local wilderness routes provide enlightenment and entertainment in equal abundance.

Home and interiors buffs will delight at the Susanna Bixby Bryant Museum and Botanical Gardens, where furnishing trends are displayed over 2,500 square meters, spanning 13 decades from 1800 to 1930.

Flora and fauna enthusiasts aren’t underrepresented in the city of Yorba Linda either, with a number of parks to explore in the local area. The most impressive are Chino Hills State Park located in the hills of Santa Ana Canyon. With wildflower meadows and miles of oak and sycamore trees, it’s clear to see how most who live here find themselves rooting for nature.

Yorba Linda is also home to the Black Gold Golf Club, a 4.5 rated course ranked as number two in the Southern California area. Rub shoulders with and practice your putting alongside local celebrities and international sports personalities, all in the glorious California coastal sunshine. There are definitely worse ways to spend a casual Sunday.

Home Prices and Quality of Life in Yorba Linda

Yorba Linda’s average house price sits at a princely sum of $822,600, somewhat higher than the national average of $252,800, proving that the area is filled with quality abodes for you and your family. It is certainly true that a very select few in the nation have the financial backing to move to the area, cementing the attitude in the community of commitment and dedication to a productive and positive life, with the median salary in the city set at $49,899.

As well as having a strong average personal income per year, the people of Yorba Linda are blessed with having strong job security, with unemployment levels in the city dropping to 3.9%, helped by the city’s job growth of 2.27% over the past year. The national unemployment percentage currently stands at 4.4%.

Security comes in more than just the form of a stable job in Yorba Linda, as crime rates in the city are consistently some of the lowest in Orange County. Low crime, good salaries and job security, and stunning homes are the reasons why Yorba Linda ranks as one of the best cities to live in throughout the entirety of the United States.


Gerry Goodman Real Estate

To get information on homes for sale in the area, be sure to contact Gerry Goodman Real Estate, the best realtor in Yorba Linda CA. Mr. Goodman will utilize all of his 25 plus years of real estate knowledge in both Yorba Linda and Southern California to assist you in your search for the best home in the area for your family.

First time home buyers looking for a property in the area should also contact Mr. Goodman regarding HOA savings. First time home owners are entitled to financial support for up to six months, helping with the extra costs that buying the first property can accumulate. Gerry Goodman is truly the best realtor in Yorba Linda CA and will be happy to advise you of your rights and potential options for financial support with the HOA program, or any other programs you might be eligible for.

Contact Gerry Goodman Real Estate, the best realtor in Yorba Linda CA to speak regarding an investment in the Yorba Linda or Southern California area.

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