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Homes for sale in Orange County CA

There are not too many homes for sale in Orange County CA. This puts the sellers of the property in a prime position to make as much as possible through property sales. However, many fail to ensure that they secure a top bracket price. This is majorly down to the fact that they fail to take some very simple steps, before conducting a sale. Selling a property entails good groundwork, especially in States like California, where there are several means available to secure a higher price.


Preparing homes for sale in Orange County CA

After determining the FMV (Fair Market Value) of a property, by doing research on new listing homes for sale and other comparable deals in the locality, the aim of the proprietor should be to secure the best deal, a cut above the Fair Market Value. However, almost everyone living in CA usually has the burden of living on a hectic schedule. This makes it problematic for them to present their property, whenever the time arises. Giving an estate agent a set of keys to the property, in order for them to be able to show it to potential buyers when the owner is not around, helps a lot. This way, the owner gets to monitor a larger number of viewers.

Whether or not the owner of the property is at the spot when his or her property is being viewed, the viewing procedure is considered highly important. Taking the help of a qualified real estate agent in Orange County CA is the best way to go. The best homes for sale are usually the ones that make sure that the properties are available for viewing and is presentable at all times.

The deciding factor which turns homes for sale in Orange County CA into successful business propositions is a healthy first impression. So, what exactly do you need to do to create the first impression?

  • De-cluttering the home space, getting rid of any unwanted materials.
  • Check thoroughly for leaks all-around the house. A drip of water leakage may not seem crucial, but it causes the buyer to think that the house is lousily maintained.
  • Check for loose door handles or cabinet hinges.
  • The tubs and sinks too need to be in prime condition.
  • Maintain the interior and exterior – ‘Curb appeal’ is a real-estate term referring to the value of a property’s exterior. A good curb appeal helps in the sale of a home quicker and for better value because of the positive effect it has on the buyers.
  • Play soft music during house-viewing sessions.

The importance of a good first impression is only realized when that one visitor is so impressed by that he or she, makes an un-refutable offer.

One Step Ahead

In order to stand out as the best deal among so many homes for sale in Orange County CA, there are plenty of functions and tasks that need to be carried out before the sale. They include –

  • Calculating the selling expenses, including vital factors such as professional home inspection, mortgage payoff penalties, staging, and marketing outlays, etc. giving the proprietor a fair idea about his position.
  • Advertising the property. With the experience of working with numerous homes for sale in Orange County CA, the realtors know exactly how and where to advertise it. MLS listings, classified sections of local newspapers, real estate journals – they have quick access to such media outlets.

For a small commission, getting their help to publicize the property on MLS listing can be very advantageous because –

  • MLS listings offer the selling broker plenty of exposure. MLS homes for sale are usually the ones which are sold quickly.
  • The proprietors get featured in listing alert electronic mail system so that they can always be aware of potential buyers.
  • Since MLS listings allow every real estate agent to see each other’s listings of properties that are on sale, it encourages a healthy competition, ensuring maximum value for sellers.

Since its foundation, Gerry Goodman Real Estate Services has successfully helped secure top deals on homes for sale in Orange County CA. With the intention of helping property owners, empowering them to get the best dealings in Orange County area, the organization has also been prolific in establishing a degree of trust and morality. Considered to be the best in the business since 1998, Gerry Goodman is presently operating in Orange County CA, in the cities Anaheim CA, Anaheim Hills CA, Yorba Linda CA, Newport Beach CA, Dana Point CA, Laguna Beach CA, Huntington Beach CA, Irvine CA, Tustin CA, and Aliso Viejo CA.

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Homes for sale in Laguna Beach CA – Gerry Goodman Real Estate

The stunning Laguna Beach is one of the most revered cities in the entirety of the United States. Encompassing the SoCal lifestyle wholeheartedly, the city has been the backdrop to countless movies and TV shows, and thanks to being the home of many of the actors and actresses who star in them, homes for sale in Laguna Beach CA have more likely than not been owned by someone of interest in the past.


As part of its SoCal leanings and its status as a relatively large city, Laguna Beach is home to the perfect blend of contemporary culture and historical natural landscapes. Art galleries are prolific here, with Laguna Art Museum leading the pack for modern art and the now almost two-decade old, free monthly Art Walk, which incorporates venturing to forty of the local establishments and offers an understanding of their collections and the collective histories of the venues. The famed Southern California stereotype of stunning beaches, boardwalks and nature trails might as well have been formed from the Laguna Beach template. With the Aliso and Wood Canyon and a nature reserve for those Sunday strolls across the rugged wilderness, natural streams and trails with your family or countless coves and beaches to use as a base for a refreshing dip in the Pacific Ocean, the stresses and strains of the world will simply float away.

For family enrichment, head to Heisler Park. Tidal pools, street art, dramatic rocky outcrops, and sculptures will greet you with cultural and natural arms wide open. Floral enthusiasts will appreciate the Niguel Botanical Reserve, where flowers, trees, and other horticultural spectacles embrace its visitors, whilst those with preferences of barren environments can release their inner Indiana Jones by scurrying through the intriguing Dripping Cave Trail.

An option for those who would like to enjoy the finer parts of the great outdoors, with a bottle or two of fine, locally produced wine, can do so via the Laguna Canyon Winery. The grapes come from the Napa and Sanoma valleys and are specifically selected by the winery to create unique batches for beverages unlike any other.

As well as fine wineries, Laguna Beach is a hub for fine dining. The likes of Studio Restaurant, Maestro’s Ocean Club, Andrea and Stonehill Tavern are a handful of top quality establishments in the area, serving the finest foods from regional producers and experimental international cuisines, leading the way worldwide. For more casual dining, perhaps a seafood lunch, head to Nick’s and The Deck on Laguna Beach, both seafront venues with vistas across the Pacific, and the cool ocean breeze flowing through the place.

These are merely a handful of attractions that ensure the best real estate agent in Laguna Beach CA is one of the busiest in the business.

Homes for Sale in Laguna Beach CA and Quality of Life

So, after soaking in the mental picture of wandering the landscapes of the city and its surroundings, you’ve decided to keep the best real estate agent in Laguna Beach CA further entertained by considering a purchase. But, with a few further questions not yet answered, you still need persuading. How much will a house cost in the area? Laguna Beach, thanks to its reputation and cultural relevance, is an affluent and highly sought after area. Thanks to this desirable nature, average house prices are some of the highest in the country, with the median rate of homes for sale in Laguna Beach CA currently standing at over $1.75 million. Houses here are as spectacular as their price tag suggests, with grandiose facades, swimming pools to cool off from the consistent SoCal heat, in built bars, games rooms, cinemas; you name it, there’s an option for it.

To get in touch with the best real estate agent in Laguna Beach CA to locate your dream property in the city, there are few who can compare with Gerry Goodman. With over 25 years of real estate experience in Laguna Beach and Southern California more generally, he is a stalwart within the community and a trusted and qualified professional.

In correlation with the house prices, the quality of life is also much higher here than in the rest of the United States, with median household salaries climbing to $94,325 over the last 12 months. This is, in part, thanks to the city’s close proximity to the likes of Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Diego and other large employment hubs.

HOA Savings for First Time Buyers of Homes for Sale in Laguna Beach CA

First time home buyers should also contact the best real estate agent in Laguna Beach CA to understand your rights with Home Owners Association (HOA) savings that are available for homes for sale in Laguna Beach CA. Speak with Gerry Goodman, one of the most qualified and experienced agents in Laguna Beach and the surroundings are. He will inform you of your entitlements when registering with the HOA, and potential savings you could make as a first time home buyer to help with the costs that buying your first home can sometimes incur.

Gerry Goodman Real Estate, the best Realtor in Laguna Beach CA

For peace of mind when looking for homes for sale in Laguna Beach CA, as a first time home buyer, for a change of scenery for your family, or merely a new home in your favorite city, it’s advisable to go through the best real estate agent in Laguna Beach CA. Gerry Goodman is just the agent to contact. As a qualified real estate agent with over a quarter of a century of experience solely in the Laguna Beach and Southern California area, he can offer advice and expertise that few others can claim to match.

Contact Gerry Goodman Real Estate to know more about the property listings and to book an appointment or a viewing.

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Homes for sale in Dana Point CA – Gerry Goodman Real Estate

Homes For Sale In Dana Point CA – The Lip Of The Pacific

Richard Henry Dana, the famous author who Dana Point is named after, considered this area of Southern California, the most beautiful spot on the Californian coast. This corner of paradise situated on the south coast feels quaint and yet full of life. Appealing to far more than wave worshippers, Dana Point has a vibrant harbor, an emerging food scene, many bars and shops, a reputable golf course and festivals and events held throughout the year. Not as well known as its neighboring Californian communities such as Irvine and Laguna, Dana Point benefits from lower house prices but the same, if not better, quality of life. In fact, there are a huge number of benefits to looking at homes for sale in Dana Point CA.


The area holds a really collective atmosphere, with a close knit community paving the way to a more eco-friendly, quality way of life. With a community that is constantly thriving and the town’s economy growing, projects and movements are constantly under way to improve the area. For example, $16 million was reinvested to rejuvenate the Lantern Village district with coastal landscaping, wider walkways and more outdoor seating for the locals to enjoy.

As it falls under the radar, compared to that of next-door Laguna Beach, house prices have yet to reach the likes of its neighboring cities. Homes for sale in Dana Point CA average at around $850,000 with the average household income situated at $98,928, therefore, being able to upscale to the incredible homes for sale in Dana Point CA, that overlook the ocean has never been more feasible.


The unemployment rate is at a low 4.1% with job growth actually increasing by 2% over the last year.  Many people look for homes for sale in Dana Point CA, as the opportunities for work in the area with good annual salaries are very high. The average household income is 37% higher than California as a whole.


Education is regarded very important in Dana Point as a lot of families make up the city’s population; therefore there are a number of different schools including both public and private. Dana Hills High school is the most reputable, and if you would prefer to extend your choice of institutions, you can also look at enrollment in the close by neighboring communities whilst still having the comfortable base of Dana Point. Make sure when choosing the best qualified realtor in Dana Point CA, the school is included as a requirement for the best agents will have a thorough knowledge of each school in the area and the best homes to look for that are nearby.


Total crimes in Dana Point are 38% lower than that of the California as an average. Buying a home in Dana Point CA will give you peace of mind that your family and neighborhood is safe.

Activities & Attractions

> Sport & the beach

Boasting some of the most beautiful beaches on the entire Californian Coast, Dana Point is ideal for any kind of water sports and a hot spot for surfers. If you prefer more inland sports, there is also the highly recommended Monarch Beach Golf Club, amongst one of the few most reputable courses in Southern California. There are also lots of yoga clubs in the park and scenic trails to run down.

> Dana Point Harbor

To experience the hustle and bustle at the weekends, Dana Point Harbor is the hub of cosmopolitan life. You can spend your weekends walking down the boardwalk to see lots of families enjoying BBQs in the parks, young women catching up over drinks at some of the more luxurious restaurants, groups of people jumping on to whale watching tours and a beach scattered with people enjoying the surf, a swim in the warm Pacific or just the cool sandy beach between their toes! Have the best qualified realtor in Dana Point CA, take you down to the harbor give you a hands on experience.

> Whale Watching

Dana Point just so happens to be a stop off spot for the migration of a number of species of whales. As a result, it has earned its reputation as “the whale capital of the West”. For the best whale watching sights, you can go down to the harbor, spend time by the beach or ride out on a catamaran to get up and close and personal with these majestic animals.

> SUP Club

Stand up paddle boarding may be the new fad; however, it has not come close to dying down in Dana Point with the largest SUP event in the whole of the US taking place in Dana Point. You can join many of the local community first thing in the morning for some of this relaxing and trendy exercise!


Finding homes for sale in Dana Point CA doesn’t just mean you have the luxury of all the beautiful surroundings Dana Point has to offer, but you will also be welcomed into the community. Dana Point has a very strong community that has no end of festivals and events on throughout each month. From their weekly movies in the park to the Summer Dana Point concert, there is something for every member of the family to stay entertained within this luscious city. The festivals held at Dana Point are on many occasions’ big annual events, with The Festival of Whales, The Tall Ships Festival, and the Dana Point Concours D’Elegance attracting people from all over the state!


Gerry Goodman Real Estate

When looking at homes for sale in Dana Point CA, be sure to go to the best qualified realtor in the area as it is important they have a complete local knowledge of the housing market. Gerry Goodman has been serving many loyal customers in Dana Point and the entire stretch of Orange County for over 25 years. His industry experience and dedication to ensure that each of his client’s needs are met, is what ensures he finds the best property. Furthermore, he will always get the best market value for homes, whether you are buying or selling in Dana Point. Gerry and his team are both hands on and down to earth, working tirelessly to make sure you find a home for sale in Dana Point CA, that you love!

When discussing homes with Gerry Goodman Real Estate, make sure that you cover the first time home buyers HOA funding program if this is your first ever property purchase. You may be eligible and if so, it can be of a huge support to you when you add up all the additional costs incurred from your first home as all qualified first time buyers are entitled to up to six months of HOA dues.

Get in touch with Gerry Goodman Real Estate, the best qualified realtor in Dana Point CA, to find a home that is perfect for you (and your budget).


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Homes For Sale In Irvine CA By Best Qualified Realtor

Homes For Sale In Irvine CA – The California Good Life

It seems that everyone is flocking towards Orange County to find homes for sale in Irvine CA. This area has become a hot commodity for not only local Californians, but foreign investors too. In an area where crime rate is low to non-existent, the possibilities for education are endless with its fill of quality private and public schools, and community spirit is set within a diverse cultural metropolis filled to the brim with things to do, it is not surprising that it has become a magnet for almost anyone with a pulse.

The area – an architectural paradise

The layout of Irvine is an architect’s dream. Home to the designer, William Pereira, he came up with the concept that has now been implemented, to split the city into a number of individual villages with its own identity and distinctive architectural theme. With over 46 different villages, you will need to explore all to see what is best for you, whether it be the Spanish style El Camino Real or Bungalow Craftsmanship, Northwood, giving anyone looking for a home in Irvine more than enough choice! To top it off, each village has cycle paths that run throughout the city, a neighborhood park, a playground and a pool! The average cost of homes for sale in Irvine, CA is $786,300, however, the average household income is $93,781 so it is all relative. Once you find a qualified realtor, to make things sweeter, all first time buyers are eligible to receive the C.A.R’s HOA fund. This housing affordability fund provides qualified first-time buyers up to six months of HOA dues. This extra bit of help is really beneficial after your bank account has been hit with all the additional costs faced when buying your first home.

Crime Rates

One of the key, if not the most important, factors about Irvine is that it is safe. In fact, crime rates are so low that in 2015, it was named by the FBI the city (with a population of over 100,000) with the lowest crime rates in the country for the ninth year in a row!

The importance of education

Building our children to become leaders of future generations is part of our role as parents, and Irvine is filled to the brim with great schools, eight universities and three libraries. No wonder it has 96% its population are high school graduates and 66% have a bachelor’s degree or higher.


With almost as many jobs available as there are residents in the town, unemployment rate is extremely low. Employers in Irvine include the University of California and almost 200 Fortune 500 companies and with top of the range technology all over Irvine to monitor the flow of traffic and adjust traffic lights accordingly, you will never have to worry about being late on your morning commute!

As well as being an area with fantastic facilities, finding homes for sale in Irvine CA will give you access to a fantastic community culture with a copious amount of attractions and things to do.

Community Spirit!

Community is celebrated in Irvine in a number of ways. On Saturdays, residents get together at Cars and Coffee Irvine to exhibit their restored classics, concept cars and more over a hot cup of joe. The only cost is the price of the coffee and it is a great way to chat and engage with your fellow neighbors. If cars aren’t your thing, festivals are held throughout the year including the Irvine Globe Festival in October to celebrate the city’s diversity and the Flights and Sounds Summer Festival in August with open-air cinemas and local bands playing throughout the evenings.

Regular haunts in Irvine include the spectacular Spectrum Center which is a movie theater home to 21-screens! With a number of films on offer, you can take your pick! The Verizon Wireless Amphitheater is also a popular venue with many big names always on schedule to perform.

For those culture vultures out there, The Irvine Museum is dedicated to Impressionist paintings of the California landscape with featured artists such as Phil Dike. Irvine’s cultural metropolis also aims to please children with Pretend City Children’s Museum hosting a miniature pretend city for your kids including a police station, library, cafe and amphitheater.  Further to this, The Irvine Barclay Theater & Cheng Halls is a breathtaking venue to visit with a diverse range of performances including ballet.

With outdoor adventures a plenty, you can also get your kicks outside. The UC Irvine Arboretum gives you a taste of South Africa with its bulb garden full of flowers that bloom throughout the year. If you enjoy hiking, the San Joaquin Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary have 300 acres of wetlands, over 100 species of birds and miles and miles of hiking trails. We saved the best until last though, you can’t mention anywhere on the West Coast without including the beach! Close to some of the finest beaches, Southern California has to offer, like Newport and Laguna beach, you can spend every weekend at these luscious spots if you like. You can see why so many are seeking the best qualified realtors around to find homes for sale in Irvine CA.


Hiring a Qualified Real Estate Agency

With over 25 years in the business, Gerry Goodman Real Estate Services is a qualified realtor in not only Irvine, but the whole Orange County area! Not only does he know the real estate industry inside and out, but he has a deep knowledge of the market and specifically the real values on homes for sale in Irvine CA. So whether, you are selling a home in Irvine or looking to move in to the neighborhood, Gerry Goodman Real Estate Services is the best in the business. Gerry Goodman and his team are down to earth and hands on when it comes to finding a home that is tailored to you and your requirements, with 25 years of happy and loyal customers in Irvine.

To get in touch with the qualified realtor to ensure you find the best homes for sale in Irvine CA that are perfect for you (and your budget), get in contact with Gerry Goodman Real Estate Services.

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Homes For Sale In Huntington Beach CA By Qualified Real Estate Agent

Homes For Sale In Huntington Beach CA – California Living

Huntington Beach is an area of streets numbered from First to 22nd including Main Street, where you may find a lot of shops and restaurants. This place can take pride in one of the best-fit climates in the USA. The area obtains one of the longest beaches in California, which is entirely approachable to the public. There are many factors that make homes for sale in Huntington Beach CA comfortable, but you should first find a qualified real estate agent in order to make a better decision.

Huntington Beach Real Estate – Homes for Sale in Huntington Beach CA

Are you looking for homes for sale in Huntington Beach CA? A beachfront condo costs 400 thousand dollars these days. Single family homes are available from75000 to 3 million dollars. The median home value in Huntington Beach is $759,600, home values in the region increased by 4.0% in the last year. According to Zillow, these numbers will climb 0.1 percent during the following year. A homeowner earns a monthly rent of 2000-4500 dollars for his or her property here. As we mentioned, hiring a qualified real estate agent can help you a lot in the investment process.

Huntington Beach city overview

The most important elements of Huntington Beach were the oil wells before they dried up and were sold off; the economy of the area was based on this resource. Nonetheless, the inhabitants had mixed feelings about the oil rigs sticking out. Since then the appearance changed, many different types of houses popped up.

Bungalows, colossuses with an ocean view from the rooftop, local grocery stores, bars, restaurants, and parks decorate this fantastic place. Little stores may still be found here, which is quite rare nowadays in Southern California because residential communities took over their places. Property taxes are reasonable here.

If you are looking for a safe neighborhood, Downtown is an ideal place: the main police station is not too far. Car theft is the most common crime, but criminality is not significant.

The giant 4th of July celebration is the most significant event in Downtown, with fantastic fireworks on the oceanfront and an awesome parade down Main St. every year. Surfing championships -the city’s nickname is “Surf City USA”- and air shows also play an important role in the social life here. So, are you already in the mood to check up the homes for sale in Huntington Beach CA?

Art-A-Faire is one of the main attractions of the area. You may find local artists selling their products on every Friday at the Pier. Do you want to have your own private party at night? Call your friends to organize a get-together at one of the fire pits on the beach. But it is important to know that the city and the state beach close at 11 PM, so you cannot shuffle until dawn.

Seafood Zone and McFadden offers you great eating opportunities. The favorite of the surfers is seafood tacos. If you strive for a little luxury, Duke’s Huntington Beach, this ritzy steakhouse will satisfy your needs offering you such special dishes as filet mignon with Maui onion jam, watercress sauce, and creamed corn. Ebi-Star Restaurant is also suitable to fulfill your higher demands with such delicacies as gourmet crab legs. They organize boozy weekend champagne brunches too. Celebrities know well the benefits of this place, just as pro tennis player Scott Lipsky and David Martin, Alien Ant Farm singer Dryden Mitchell or adult entertainment star Jenna Jameson. Many popular bands are coming from here too, such as the reggae band The Dirty Heads and the teen band Hello Goodbye.

If you are interested in car shows, Huntington Beach is the ideal place for you. You can visit Concours d’Elegance or the Beachcruiser Meet. Here you can see such car miracles as the ‘50s Mercedes Benz or Lamborghini 400GT. Do you like running? You will love the Surf City USA Marathon, where more than 20000 runners participate every February. The event is located along the oceanside. As you run on, you will meet live bands trying to entertain you. And what is awaiting you at the finish? A free beer garden, where you can celebrate with your running mates.

The lovers of movies will not be disappointed either: they can enjoy the SoCal Film Fest every September with interesting workshops, celebrity guests, and panels. Their program also contains award-giving ceremonies for writers, directors, cinematographers, and actors. This fantastic place also offers a stop for the annual Association of Volleyball Players Beach Volleyball Tour, which hosted such famous international champions as April Ross and Casey Jennings. Another reason to visit the beautiful beach.

Another gorgeous activity that you can enjoy on the beach is biking. You can rent bikes from Bargain Bike Rentals on the 5th Street. The cost is 10 dollars per day; you can ride to Newport Beach or Laguna Beach. Or you would rather go on foot or run? Paved trails are there to do so.

Do you want to organize a fancy program with your family? Fuzion is a new family entertainment complex for the residents in Huntington Beach. You can choose from an array of modern arcade games to entertain yourselves. But if you are keen on retro games, there is a section that gives place for such classics as “Ms. Pac Man”. If you want something steeper, you can chase after your family members with a laser pistol in Laser Tag. After the fun, you can have a sushi at the in-house Japanese restaurant.

Gerry Goodman Real Estate – A Qualified Realtor in Huntington Beach CA

If you are interested in homes for sale in Huntington Beach CA, you can calmly turn to Gerry Goodman Real Estate, a qualified real estate agent. He knows the area well and he will get you the best market value for homes, both for buyers and sellers. The grant funding of the Homeowners Association Grant Program will help to save initial money for the qualified first-time homebuyers with HOA dues up to six months, not exceeding $2,500. Good luck to realize your new plans and to find the appropriate qualified real estate agent!

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Homes For Sale In Anaheim CA By Qualified Real Estate Agent

Homes For Sale In Anaheim CA A SoCal Hot Spot

Looking for the best Homes for Sale in Anaheim CA? Having difficulty of deciding on investing in property at Anaheim CA? Anaheim is a city in Orange County, California, situated 25 miles southeast of Los Angeles. With a population of more than 320,000, Anaheim is not only one of the oldest but also one of the most densely populated locales in Orange County. This upscale southern California town may be best known as the home of Disneyland, but it boasts lots of other attractions as well. Sports lovers will enjoy easy access to the Anaheim Angels stadium, where another famous Mickey—Mantle, that is, hit his last game-winning home run. In addition, the Anaheim Ducks hockey team plays regularly at the Honda Center. Fashionistas will find plenty of opportunities for some retail therapy at the numerous outdoor malls and outlet centers. And while Disneyland is a must-do for families, nearby Adventure City is a fantastic alternative with lower prices, free parking and smaller crowds. If you’re a foodie, you’ve certainly come to the right place, as Anaheim boasts an endless array of upscale, local eateries. And the wine connoisseurs should know that Anaheim was known as the “wine capital of California” until the 1880s—that’s saying something when you consider that California is THE place for wine, with over 4,000 vineyards in the state.

The Southern California lifestyle of fun in the sun, carefree days and vibrant nightlife thrives in Anaheim and is obvious at every turn. The weather is almost always sunny with very little rain, and temperatures hover in the mid-70s almost all year long. The Santa Ana winds blow across Anaheim in the fall and winter, but residents understand that southern California simply wouldn’t be the same without these strong, dry winds. Anaheim is a particularly attractive locale because residents are in the middle of the action without the frenzied bustle of a city or downtown environment.

Anaheim Real Estate

Because of its prime location in Southern California, real estate in Anaheim consistently runs about 40 percent above the national average. Despite that, Anaheim is an incredible value when compared to Orange County’s other upscale enclaves, like Costa Mesa, Irvine, and LA proper. With an average price of $560k among all homes for sale in Anaheim CA, the city ranks 24% below Costa Mesa (average home price of $735k), 30% below Irvine (average home price of $786k), and 17% below the countywide average for Orange County (average home price of $677k). As far as real estate within Anaheim is concerned, your best bet for the lowest price homes will be in Northwest, where there is a large number of contemporary modular and mobile homes at great price points, perfect for smaller families or empty nesters. Anaheim Hills is considered to be the most upscale neighborhood, with lots of single-family homes for sale in Anaheim CA. If it’s an apartment you’re seeking, there are plenty, especially in Southwest. And mobile homes abound across the region, due to the temperate climate.

Best Realtor in Anaheim, CA – Gerry Goodman Real Estate Services

If you’re considering moving to Anaheim or the greater Orange County area, your best bet is to contact the best realtor in Anaheim CA, Gerry Goodman Real Estate Services. With over 25 years of experience in the Orange County real estate market, Gerry is intimately familiar with the best homes for sale in Anaheim CA. He is well qualified to assist you with your home buying needs every step of the way, from pre-approval to closing, as well as selling your existing property. Well versed in foreclosures, short sales and a variety of other non-traditional real estate transactions, Gerry Goodman Real Estate Services takes a customized, one-of-a-kind approach to selling real estate in the highly competitive Southern California market. You’ll want to get pre-approved as early in the process as possible, since properties move quickly, especially those with the best values.

If you’ve been searching for the best properties in Anaheim and surrounding areas for any amount of time, you know that the market is tight and prices are pretty high. Therefore, you’ll be glad to know that first-time home buyers in California are eligible for six months of assistance with HOA fees, up to $2,500. This program, offered by the California Association of Realtors, definitely helps ease the burden of home ownership in Anaheim and Southern California, where monthly HOA fees average around $285.

Contact Gerry Goodman Real Estate Services today for all of your real estate needs in the Anaheim area. If you’re looking for homes for sale in Anaheim CA, you’ll definitely want him on your side, as he is the best realtor in Anaheim CA.


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Homes For Sale In Newport Beach CA for Luxury Living

Newport Beach CA is one of the most known resort destination that provides some of the best luxury real estates in the world. The Beach features an international yachting harbor, exclusive restaurants, unique shopping, and an expansive natural beauty. Newport Beach tops the list as one of the most searched addresses in the world. It provides one with a rich stream of the luxurious real estate to accommodate each person dream home, from the communities at the Bayfront and Harbor such as Bay Shores, Bay Island, Harbor Island to the golf communities of Big Canyon. Whether you are new or a resident, there are plenty of things to do in this city. You can enjoy luxury shopping, spa treatments, playing championship golf, the list is endless. It’s also home to famous events like – Newport Beach Film Festival, Newport Beach Independence Day on the Bay, Restaurant Week and the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade. There are many attractions both for families, children, and couples. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you will love miles of cycling trails, sailing, and surfing. An amazing place if you are seeking to live in Newport Beach, then you need to explore Homes For Sale In Newport Beach CA.

Here are the great features and attractions famous in Newport Beach

  1. Enjoy a packed picnic

What can be better than having a beach picnic on a hot summer day? Stop at one of the luxurious restaurants or visit one of the local grocery stores and pick for yourself some hot dogs, hamburgers or barbecue. Get to one of the beautiful Newport beaches, spread out your blanket and feast.

  1. Go Sailing

Visiting Newport gives you a chance to enjoy one of the Beach’s favorite pastime activity-sailing/boating. Board a comfy yacht or captain your own electric boat. You can also enroll for a beginner’s sailboat course training and enjoy some of the best sportfishing and whale-watching excursion in the Southern California. For a show of romance, treat your special person to a private ride on a gondola brought straight from Italy.

  1. Go shopping

Fashion Island, an open-air destination decorated with gardens, ocean views, fountains and contains top restaurants such as Fig & Olive. It also has more than 125 world popular shops for children, men, and women. Ranging from Vince Camuto to Halston Heritage. More pleasurable shopping opportunities can be found at Corona del Mar Plaza, Cannery Village, Crystal Cove shopping Centre and Westcliff.

  1. Dine

Enjoy great summer foods from Mexican to seafood at one of the beach’s al fresco cafes or restaurants. Some popular water-front spots are the Cannery Seafood of the Pacific, Woody’s Wharf, Back Bay Tavern, Harborside Restaurant, Oyster Bar, Ruby’s Diner, Newport Landing Restaurant and Balboa Pier. They have a wonderful and delicious food for you to enjoy.

  1. Take a leisure scenic walk

Are you tired of doing nothing? Go aboard the historic auto ferry and enjoy a ride across the harbor from the Balboa Zone to the Balboa Island. Where you can now walk along the shady drag of Marine Avenue filled with lots of shops, art galleries, and restaurants. Those with a sweet tooth won’t leave the two famous desserts for this community the Frozen Banana and the Balboa Bar both soaked in chocolate and spread with coatings from nuts to cookie crumbs.

  1. Burn some extra calories / Get Fitter

Newport Beach is very hip and fit, If you have surpassed your normal weight, you will soon find yourself running or jogging or biking along the various streets or exploring the canyons. Don’t worry; Newport Beach gives you an opportunity to work out by taking part in one of the many outdoor activities available here. You can also choose to rent a stand-up paddleboard, surfboard, kayak or Seaway. Or go for a hike around the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve or the Crystal Cove State that offers more than 3 miles of bluff-lined beaches in the Crystal Cove.

  1. Fly like Iron Man

Never experienced the pleasure of a jetpack? Jetpack America gives you water-powered jet packs for you to fly one. If you are new, the instructors will guide you and teach you the basics and a few tricks.

  1. Enjoy bicycle cycling

Cycle in style on an electric bicycle. The popularity of these bicycles is that you don’t need to pedal to get them moving, you can just adjust the throttle and there you go. At the Pedego Bikes, you can enjoy a tour at all the awesome places or rent some bikes and go exploring.

  1. Whale watching

Nothing is so awesome than standing to watch the beast of the oceans. The Newport Landing gives you cruises with an incredible percent success rate to watch and see the whales.

  1. Appreciate arts

Newport Beach is not left behind when it comes to visual and art performances. Top places where you can go and participate include Orange County Museum of Art that is home to modern and contemporary works. The Balboa Island Museum together with the Historical Society preserves the island’s historic photographs and artifacts.


Homes For Sale In Newport Beach CA

Newport Beach Home Prices

The Homes For Sale In Newport Beach CA prices have hugely benefited from the international buyers and investors buying homes in the United States. They are all appealed by the luxury homes, thus they pay for all cash and search for second homes as well as vacation homes.

Homes For Sale In Newport Beach CA are high in demand and that makes it great for home prices. The luxury market is a global market and Newport Beach is one of those markets. Just after the period of economic recession, the high-end home prices in this beach picked up very slow, but thanks to the international demand that brought the luxury market back to life.

Some of the reasons the international buyers have helped increase the demand for Newport Beach homes include:

  • They are cash buyers. They simply pay cash. By paying all the cash means that the buyers aren’t limited to traditional financing.
  • Vacation homes. The international buyers are fascinated by the Newport Beach since the purchase of these homes makes it a second home or for use on a vacation.
  • Schools. The quality of Newport Beach Schools is very good. The buyers aren’t limited to the geographic locations of their work. The schools here also rank very high.

The Average Home Value in Newport

The average home value in Newport is about $1,668,200. The home values have gone up by 5.1% over the past one year and it’s predicted to even rise 0.9% this year. The average list price per square foot is $902 approximately in Newport Beach, which is a bigger value than the Los Angeles-Long Beach which average $392.

Foreclosures are also another factor that is bound to affect the home values in some several years to come. In Newport Beach, about 0.6 homes are foreclosed per 10,000. This is somehow lower than those in the Los Angeles, Long Beach, Anaheim with a value of 1.0 and lower than the national value of 1.4.

The average household income in Newport Beach is about $200,00 with about 7.9 % of the average population living below the federal poverty line. Though this is the approximate value, the city’s household income and property continue to place high in the national rankings. Homes for sale in Newport Beach CA are predicted to double in the next several years to come.

Newport Beach Real Estate

The Newport Beach is now a recognized city across the country when you begin to think of spacious real estate. The beach is known for its bay front homes, exclusive gated communities and world class shopping at the Fashion Island. The homes for sale in Newport Beach CA fall into different types such as:

  • Bayfront homes
  • Oceanfront homes
  • Beachfront homes
  • Golf fronted homes
  • Waterfront homes
  • Gated homes

Get in touch with a qualified real estate professional if you are looking for homes for sale in Newport Beach CA. Remember, a real estate professional gives more benefits for home buyers. One of the main benefits is the Tax benefit.

You are allowed to deduct 100% of your rental estate losses against other non-rental income. While rental real estate can generate more cash flow, but they can also bring passive loss due to depreciation and mortgage interest expense. But, as a real estate professional, you aren’t subject to the dreaded IRA passive rules. No matter how big the losses are, you can still deduct all your losses from any other income. This can save you huge figures in income tax every year.

Final thought

Newport Beach has excellent homes for sale. The home values always continue to appreciate and the homes are of great quality. With access to top class services provided in this area, you will always love to live and work here.


Gerry Goodman Real Estate Services

Let your search for Homes for sale in Newport Beach CA end here. Please visit and explore the resources within my website Gerry Goodman Real Estate Services. You will find everything you need to buy or sell a home, as well as learn about the market value of homes. You can search for homes with detailed descriptions, photos, community and school information and so much more.

As a qualified real estate professional, I am ready to assist you with all of your real estate needs. My approach is customized for each client; my solutions are never one size- fits-all! Please view this website as an introduction of my services and capabilities in this local area.

Give me a call or send an email when you are ready to visit some homes or to schedule a free home buying or selling consultation. I look forward to working with you!

Homes For Sale

Best homes for sale In Yorba Linda California

There are many Best homes for sale in Yorba Linda California today. A mixture of new properties, as well as foreclosures and other homes on the market, make for a diverse selection for those shopping for a new house or condo. It is an excellent time to make an offer on something that would suit your needs in the area.

Choose the number of rooms that you prefer and the square footage so that you can get a clear idea of the prices for those properties. A square footage and livable space, the higher the prices will tend to be. You will want to be sure that you are approved for a real mortgage rate if you are considering buying a house or a condominium.Best homes for sale in Yorba Linda

Property values in California have remained high for quite some time because it is such a desirable place to live. There are so many little neighborhoods in Orange County, and many affluent people call that area home. The schools are great, and it is just an excellent place to raise a family in a comfortable and safe environment.

Yorba Linda is recognized as one of the richest cities in the United States because the median household income is quite high. The homes that one will find there are well suited to families and have plenty of space to grow into. Most are modern and spacious with high-end fixtures and architectural features.

There are plenty of shopping centers, retailers, many restaurants, and excellent entertainment in the city. Yorba Linda Spotlight Theater is a little summer theater for the children and teens. It was formed to allow young people to have a chance to experience both off-stage and on-stage drama. For young children who love performing, it is a good place for them to visit.

Yorba Linda also has a very proximity to Los Angeles, making it a good choice for those folks who occasionally make the commute into that area for various reasons like work or business. There are country clubs and town centers as well as golf courses and other recreational centers. Adults who like playing golf can hang out at the Black Gold Golf Club which is voted as one of the ‘Top Three Best Public Golf Courses in Orange County,’

If you are serious about finding a home to buy, then you will need to find a good realtor to work with. It can be difficult to navigate the world of real estate and home buying without expert guidance. A knowledgeable agent is going to find you the best properties and give you their time and expertise.


Finding the Best homes for sale in Yorba Linda CA

California is a huge state and has very diverse populations. The State comes to life in its southern region where one can find the glamor of the Hollywood scene, the bustle of Los Angeles, and the beauty of San Diego. Anyone looking to move right into the heart of all this but still is far enough away to enjoy privacy and tranquility should consider looking at Best homes for sale in Yorba Linda CA.

The location of this town is perfect for anyone who wants to be “near it all” yet “away from it all” at the same time. It’s just 25 miles southeast of the glitz of Los Angeles and 95 miles north of San Diego. It is surrounded by Anaheim, Brea, Placentia, and Orange County.

Best homes for sale in Yorba Linda

Some great attractions are just a few minutes away as well. Family destinations like Disneyland and Knotsberry Farm are a convenient 10 and 12-mile drive, respectively. The Los Angeles Angels play their home games at Angel Stadium which is just 8 miles away. A bit further way one will find the San Bernadino and San Gabriel Mountains. Avid hikers, skiers, bikers, hikers, and campers will enjoy the opportunities here. The natural beauty that is preserved provides a beautiful, serene escape from city life.

Young students in this area attend the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District. There are 28 different schools in this area, and they offer an extensive array of state of the art facilities. There is a very diverse population in this field, and students are encouraged to embrace the diverseness.

The area is the safest in all of Orange County. Neighbors are friendly and don’t have to worry about the crime that often wreaks havoc in the major cities. Historically their crime is exaggeratedly lower than surrounding areas.

There are many best homes for sale in Yorba Linda CA. This is an upscale community and amenities abound. Since the housing crisis, many sellers have been forced to lower their prices. This is a fantasy come true for anyone who wants to possibly purchase a business.

Homes For Sale

Newport Beach One Bedroom Condo For Sale

300 Cagney Lane, Unit 207, Newport Beach, CA 92663 (MLS # OC16184720)

Coastal living in Newport Beach. A Spacious One Bedroom Condo that is walking distance to the Beach, Restaurants & Shopping. A 2nd Story unit with Elevator and stairs access. Subterranean Parking. This property has been newly updated with all New Vinyl Windows, Carpet, Paint and Stainless Appliances. It is Move-in ready. HOA includes: Water, Trash & Insurance (Walls-out). All amenities and grounds maintenance. The “Versailles” development itself is a French inspired Architecture that will draw you in to your own European style retreat. The numerous amenities include: Swimming Pools & Spa, 2 Fitness Rooms, Ocean View Clubhouse, Sauna, Tennis & Basketball court, meeting room, bicycle storage, gated development, and the Ocean Breezes for free! This property is Perfect for the Investor, Vacation Retreat Seeker or the discriminating Buyer looking for that affordable “best kept secret” in Newport!.  To learn more about buying a home in the Newport Beach area please contact local real estate agent Gerry Goodman  714-588- 3338 today.

For more information, Click here  300 Cagney Lane, Unit 207, Newport Beach, CA 92663 (MLS # OC16184720)

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1052 Castlerock Lane North Tustin, CA 92705 Home for sale

Entertainer’s dream home in the prestigious gated community of Rocking Horse Ridge. Enter this beautiful 3,500 sq ft home and you’ll be greeted by breathtaking vaulted ceilings, grand staircase, massive double-sided stone fireplace, new flooring and huge open floor plan. The family room features a built-in entertainment center, surround sound, recessed lighting, and a full-grade professional bar for entertaining. French doors open the family room out to the private backyard, seamlessly allowing for an open and cohesive space. The gourmet kitchen boasts quartz counter tops, stainless steel appliances, walk-in pantry, casual breakfast bar and informal dining area. The master suite has vaulted ceilings, formal sitting area, stone fireplace and built-in wet bar. The ensuite bathroom comes with dual sinks, his and hers walk-in closets, luxurious soaking tub, and stand-up shower newly upgraded with a frameless glass door. The massive backyard is complete with lush landscaping, private swimming pool and spa, outdoor shower, and built-in barbecue. This home is also outfitted with energy efficient solar panels. Rocking Horse Ridge features a community pool, clubhouse, tennis courts, fitness center, basketball and racquetball courts, and miles of community trails.

prestigious gated community