Having a nice and decorated galley kitchen in Orange County CA has for a long time been a must for homemakers who have a penchant for stylish and supreme quality interior design. The best part about having such a kitchen is the fact that it can be further beautified with additions even from places like – Home Depot. Even though Home Depot is usually stereotyped as a place where people only go to buy screws, plywood or insulation, it is much more than that. It certainly isn’t the first place people think of when they are analyzing their decorating needs. But, it has a lot to offer and a few of its offerings are discussed here.

Ideas for a perfect galley kitchen in Orange County CA

The Traditional Open Kitchen

A traditional open kitchen has both merits and drawbacks. The lack of privacy that comes with these kitchens can be problematic for some folks. Yet, in the kitchen for most people, there is really no requirement for that anyhow. Having such an open and beautiful kitchen can even make watching someone cook an entertaining affair. On top of that, an open kitchen helps a lot with storage. The homeowners can simply expand their storage area outside the kitchen without altering the rest of the interior decoration. It is one of the most common types of galley kitchen in Orange County CA.

The traditional open kitchen is usually adjoined with the eating area and the interior decoration is slightly more bucolic. The most striking features that these types of kitchens offer are the angled ceilings and the visible wooden beams. They add temperateness to the room and can be balanced by white walls and wooden floors. Despite there being an array of modern interior design ideas in Orange County CA, renewing and re-shaping the traditional open kitchen remains one of the most favorite styles of homeowners.

Home Depot Tip – Try to find decorative mirrors and mirror-like small decoration objects at a local Home Depot. There are a lot of decorative objects available in Home Depot stores and having mirrors in and around a traditional kitchen makes the kitchen feel warmer, shinier and more attractive.

The Bar or Kitchen Island

This type of kitchen usually occupies the complete wall. The two areas – the living room and the kitchen are well defined as they share an open plan. There are thick exposed ceiling beams that stop at the point where the kitchen starts. If the homeowner wishes to give the kitchen a white or a light shade colored ceiling along with similar light shaded walls, the bar or Kitchen Island can serve as an excellent bright spot for the entire room. This type of architectural design in Orange County CA is widely appreciated because the bar or kitchen island serves as the ideal room divider.

In this type of design, there aren’t any striking decoration features that divide the kitchen from the living-room area. Nevertheless, this type of Kitchen Island also serves as brilliant markers. They can also be a bar or a breakfast spot. The open plan which these types of kitchen adopt is helpful for the kitchen for the reason that it resolves the storage difficulties. Any top realtor in Orange County CA will love a property with these features simply because of the various features it carries. Similarly, the whole room is much roomier and cool – features which two separate rooms would not have provided.

Home Depot Tip – Having such an open plan means that the homeowner is exposing the kitchen to the eyes of visitors. Hence, they shouldn’t forget to keep some solid, yet simple choices in store for DIY plans like refreshing furniture parts. A snake plant can be a great decorative piece for homeowners looking to maintain low light in their kitchen.

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