Home Selling Process

Home Selling Process in California

Selling your house can be one of the most exciting yet nerve-racking things you can go through as a property owner. Whether you are selling your first home, your second, or are a regular expert on selling your house, the home selling process can sometimes be daunting, requiring a strong awareness and knowledge of the steps to selling your house.

Gerry Goodman, one of the most experienced real estate agents in Orange County CA will break down here step by step what the home selling process is for selling a house to ensure that you don’t miss anything important:

home selling process

  1. Define Your Property’s Value

With the help of an experienced real estate agent in Orange County CA, defining the value of your property will be determined by several factors including the location of your property, the condition of the property itself, and the value of houses within the neighborhood. A trusted real estate agent in Orange County CA such as Gerry Goodman will always aim to get you top dollar for your house, but it is also your responsibility to disclose in writing any facts that may affect the level of desirability of the property for prospective buyers. A Transfer Disclosure Statement will be provided by your real estate agent so that you can disclose any foundational issues or any instances occurring on your property that could affect its value. A general rule of thumb is that if you are questioning whether it should be disclosed, you should disclose it on your Transfer Disclosure Statement.

  1. Make Your House Look Great

In order to sell your house, you will likely have to put in a little work into making the house look aesthetically appealing to potential buyers. Engaging a professional stager will help you to set up the house so that its appeal is optimized when people come through the doors. It’s amazing how simple placement of furniture, mirrors, and accents can affect the look and feel of a home.

  1. Advertise and Show Your House

Selling your home requires that your real estate agent is skilled in marketing techniques and is able to build interest among potential buyers for your home. If they use the proper channels, they should be able to arrange a variety of viewings, from public viewings to private showings for specifically interested buyers. A real estate agent in Orange County CA will always place your property on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) websites so that it will show up for potential buyers looking for houses for sale in your area.

  1. Negotiate Offers

In many cases, offers may come in that aren’t exactly what the buyer expects, but will have some wiggle-room for negotiations. A seller never wants to lose out on the money when selling their house, but sometimes they have to be realistic and accept what people are willing to pay. Your experienced real estate agent in Orange County CA will coach you through the negotiation process, helping you make counteroffers when necessary, and also provide you with advice on when to accept an offer and move to closing.

  1. Close the Deal

The escrow period is when the buyer arranges all their finances and waits for all the paperwork for the sale of the house to be completed. During this time, the seller will have to make their house available for inspections, be prepared to negotiate with the new buyer the repair of any issues that come up, and also move their possessions out of the house so that the new buyer can move in. Once the closing date arrives, the keys are handed over, and the house is now the property of the new owner.

Some hiccups and stressful moments come with every house sale. Sometimes a seller may find that their house is in need of major repairs before being sold. Other times, the seller may find that they will not get the amount of money from selling their house that they hoped. It is often a gamble when someone decides to sell their house, as so many factors can come into play that can affect the property value, the process for selling, and the administrative processes that need to occur in order to do a clean deal.

Enlisting the help of a trusted and experienced real estate agent such as Gerry Goodman will thoughtfully walk you through the home selling process, and will ensure that you are comfortable with all decisions that are being made in relation to your house sale. They will advocate for you to get the best value from your house so that you can invest your money elsewhere for your next real estate investment.

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