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Richard Henry Dana, the famous author who Dana Point is named after, considered this area of Southern California, the most beautiful spot on the Californian coast. This corner of paradise situated on the south coast feels quaint and yet full of life. Appealing to far more than wave worshippers, Dana Point has a vibrant harbor, an emerging food scene, many bars and shops, a reputable golf course and festivals and events held throughout the year. Not as well known as its neighboring Californian communities such as Irvine and Laguna, Dana Point benefits from lower house prices but the same, if not better, quality of life. In fact, there are a huge number of benefits to looking at homes for sale in Dana Point CA.


The area holds a really collective atmosphere, with a close knit community paving the way to a more eco-friendly, quality way of life. With a community that is constantly thriving and the town’s economy growing, projects and movements are constantly under way to improve the area. For example, $16 million was reinvested to rejuvenate the Lantern Village district with coastal landscaping, wider walkways and more outdoor seating for the locals to enjoy.

As it falls under the radar, compared to that of next-door Laguna Beach, house prices have yet to reach the likes of its neighboring cities. Homes for sale in Dana Point CA average at around $850,000 with the average household income situated at $98,928, therefore, being able to upscale to the incredible homes for sale in Dana Point CA, that overlook the ocean has never been more feasible.


The unemployment rate is at a low 4.1% with job growth actually increasing by 2% over the last year.  Many people look for homes for sale in Dana Point CA, as the opportunities for work in the area with good annual salaries are very high. The average household income is 37% higher than California as a whole.


Education is regarded very important in Dana Point as a lot of families make up the city’s population; therefore there are a number of different schools including both public and private. Dana Hills High school is the most reputable, and if you would prefer to extend your choice of institutions, you can also look at enrollment in the close by neighboring communities whilst still having the comfortable base of Dana Point. Make sure when choosing the best qualified realtor in Dana Point CA, the school is included as a requirement for the best agents will have a thorough knowledge of each school in the area and the best homes to look for that are nearby.


Total crimes in Dana Point are 38% lower than that of the California as an average. Buying a home in Dana Point CA will give you peace of mind that your family and neighborhood is safe.

Activities & Attractions

> Sport & the beach

Boasting some of the most beautiful beaches on the entire Californian Coast, Dana Point is ideal for any kind of water sports and a hot spot for surfers. If you prefer more inland sports, there is also the highly recommended Monarch Beach Golf Club, amongst one of the few most reputable courses in Southern California. There are also lots of yoga clubs in the park and scenic trails to run down.

> Dana Point Harbor

To experience the hustle and bustle at the weekends, Dana Point Harbor is the hub of cosmopolitan life. You can spend your weekends walking down the boardwalk to see lots of families enjoying BBQs in the parks, young women catching up over drinks at some of the more luxurious restaurants, groups of people jumping on to whale watching tours and a beach scattered with people enjoying the surf, a swim in the warm Pacific or just the cool sandy beach between their toes! Have the best qualified realtor in Dana Point CA, take you down to the harbor give you a hands on experience.

> Whale Watching

Dana Point just so happens to be a stop off spot for the migration of a number of species of whales. As a result, it has earned its reputation as “the whale capital of the West”. For the best whale watching sights, you can go down to the harbor, spend time by the beach or ride out on a catamaran to get up and close and personal with these majestic animals.

> SUP Club

Stand up paddle boarding may be the new fad; however, it has not come close to dying down in Dana Point with the largest SUP event in the whole of the US taking place in Dana Point. You can join many of the local community first thing in the morning for some of this relaxing and trendy exercise!


Finding homes for sale in Dana Point CA doesn’t just mean you have the luxury of all the beautiful surroundings Dana Point has to offer, but you will also be welcomed into the community. Dana Point has a very strong community that has no end of festivals and events on throughout each month. From their weekly movies in the park to the Summer Dana Point concert, there is something for every member of the family to stay entertained within this luscious city. The festivals held at Dana Point are on many occasions’ big annual events, with The Festival of Whales, The Tall Ships Festival, and the Dana Point Concours D’Elegance attracting people from all over the state!


Gerry Goodman Real Estate

When looking at homes for sale in Dana Point CA, be sure to go to the best qualified realtor in the area as it is important they have a complete local knowledge of the housing market. Gerry Goodman has been serving many loyal customers in Dana Point and the entire stretch of Orange County for over 25 years. His industry experience and dedication to ensure that each of his client’s needs are met, is what ensures he finds the best property. Furthermore, he will always get the best market value for homes, whether you are buying or selling in Dana Point. Gerry and his team are both hands on and down to earth, working tirelessly to make sure you find a home for sale in Dana Point CA, that you love!

When discussing homes with Gerry Goodman Real Estate, make sure that you cover the first time home buyers HOA funding program if this is your first ever property purchase. You may be eligible and if so, it can be of a huge support to you when you add up all the additional costs incurred from your first home as all qualified first time buyers are entitled to up to six months of HOA dues.

Get in touch with Gerry Goodman Real Estate, the best qualified realtor in Dana Point CA, to find a home that is perfect for you (and your budget).


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