Homes For Sale In Tustin CA – A California Small Town Feel

The tiny metropolis of Tustin has become a haven for home-buyers with its proximity to the hustle and bustle of Southern California whilst maintaining a tranquil, peaceful small town feel. Searching for a qualified realtor in Tustin CA has become a pastime to the many wanting to flock to this elegant and rural community which means homes for sale in Tustin CA are a hot commodity.

About Tustin City

Being a city that gives off a small town element is a huge advantage when looking for a new home, however, there are also many other benefits to seeking out homes for sale in Tustin CA.

With a population of approximately 76,000, Tustin CA remains a small community and therefore the area really appeals for those who are seeking more of a chilled, relaxing atmosphere to live in. For those looking for homes for sale in Tustin CA, the average house price is $501,500 and average household income is $71,105 with a very low unemployment rate of 4.1%. Therefore, the average income is very much relative to the house prices within the area.

If you are afirst-timee buyer, then make sure that your chosen qualified realtor in Tustin CA discusses your potential eligibility for the C.A.Rs HOA fund. This is incredibly beneficial as the fund provides all qualified first-time buyers with up to six months of HOA dues. This can really help to support you when your bank account is facing all the additional costs first-time buyers are challenged with.

Crime Rates in Tustin are 26% lower than on average in California and 21% lower than the national average which just highlights what a safe environment Tustin is to bring up families, retire in or just escape to. This hideaway appeals to almost everyone.

With award winning schools, it is no surprise many families plant their feet firmly in Tustin. Whether you want your child to go to public or private school, the number of choices of education in will sweep you off your feet.  What is better, over 85% of pupils in Tustin CA have completed high school with many of that number going on to complete a bachelor’s degree.  Many famous actors and athletes have come out of Tustin’s strong education system including Cuba Gooding Jr, Evelyn Furtsch and Sam Baker.

This quaint town-like city is constantly being revitalized with new business and as a result, there are jobs a plenty. Recent job growth has actually increased by 2.26% over the last year meaning more opportunities for the local community with top employers including the Tustin Unified School District, Rockwell Collins and Ricoh.  The average commute time is just 26 minutes too, which means whichever home for sale in Tustin CA you end up with, you can be rest assured that you will actually get to enjoy it!

Getting out on the weekends is heavenly in Tustin for anyone who loves the outdoors. With the ocean on your doorstep and plenty of water sports to get involved in, the nearby beach is a popular pastime for many of the community. Hiking trails are scattered all over the area too with Peter’s Canyon offering scenic surroundings and a relaxing day out. Finding homes for sale in Tustin CA will also give you access to the varied and diverse park system. With a number of options, whether you are looking for sports fields, recreational grounds or a great spot for a picnic, there is something for everyone. Furthermore, if you enjoy heading to the golf course for a quiet afternoon or a relaxing business meeting, the Tustin ranch golf club is perfect for all your golfing needs. As one of the best golf clubs in Orange County, the range has some of the best national instructors, a reputable restaurant and a sought after venue for many prestigious events. The best qualified realtor in Tustin CA will help you find a property that is close to many of these locations.

If you like to wind down with some shopping and exquisite dinners and drinks with friends, then Tustin is the perfect destination. With a diverse range of shops and food from every corner of the world, you will be able to delight your taste buds and replenish your wardrobe consistently. Homes for sale in Tustin CA are snapped up because this is the perfect area for every member of the family whether you are the resident surfer, the lead scorer at peewee baseball, the weekend hiker or the socialite who enjoys catching up with friends for afternoon cocktails.

The community of Tustin is very tight-knit and makes you feel welcome with many fundraising events and festivals to celebrate throughout the year. Farmers markets, street fairs, concerts and movies in the park make it a great place to feel part of something and stay entertained.

How Gerry Goodman Real Estate Services helps in buying your dream home in Tustin CA?

So when seeking the perfect home for sale in Tustin CA, make sure you choose the best qualified realtor in Tustin CA. This will incrementally improve your search and ensure the home you decide on is the best in the area for your requirements. With over 25 years in the business, Gerry Goodman has been working with loyal customers in not only Tustin, but the entire Orange County area. He is favored on his deep understanding of the market, the real values of the homes you are looking for and his team is passionate about finding their customers the perfect home in a neighborhood that meets all their needs. With industry knowledge and a down to earth, hands-on approach, Gerry and his team have won over the hearts of many of the community in Tustin CA, working tirelessly to give them an investment they will love for years to come.

To get in touch with Gerry Goodman Real Estate, the best qualified realtor in Tustin CA to ensure you find a home for sale that is perfect for you (and your budget).

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