Creating a landscape in Orange County CA for a house’s front yard has become a great way for homeowners to beautify his home’s appearance. The best part is that maximizing a yard’s features and curtailing its complications to produce a beautiful street side view is not difficult, tedious, or too costly. All that is required is some degree of creativity coupled with efficiency in planning and execution. Here are some great insights into the science of proper landscaping for curb appeal.

Rules to maintain curb appeal, the secret of having a beautiful landscape in Orange County CA

Rule 1 – The house is all that matters

A lot of people, even the ones who are experts at spotting quality real estate property, make the mistake of focusing too much on the landscape and forgetting the main reason behind so much investment of time and money being done on the landscaping – it is to compliment the house!

Any top realtor in Orange County CA will testify the fact that houses which have an exuberant landscape that looks a mismatch compared to the house are not appreciated by the average home buyer. While designing a landscape, there’s only one major design limitation. The homeowner must design for curb appeal keeping in mind the size and shape of his house and how well the curb looks on the street it sits on.

Rule 2 – Make sure the pathway to the front door is amazing

Landscaping for curb appeal is in the end about moving introducing visitors to the front door with a beautiful view. The passage from the road to the front door is crucial to a good landscape. The demand for such houses with great pathways to the front door is extremely high in the real estate market in Orange County CA.

Other things that must be considered for curb appeal

The shape of the pathway – It can be a curved road or it can have little breaks in between so that visitors are able to stop and admire the curb.

Color patterns – Many designers judge the quality of a landscape in Orange County CA based on its color scheming. For instance, a blue house feels peaceful and poised when accentuated by an assortment of purple, rosy, beige colors.

Shapes and masses – Avoid using too big shapes and masses. These shapes and masses may look aesthetic but their key purpose is to compliment the house. For example, although a large fountain like feature might look great, it should be avoided if it is not practical, or if it does not complement the house. Real estate services in Orange County CA tend to have a hard time selling properties with odd and impractical shapes and sizes installed in the front yard.

Low cost and low maintenance – Even the best real estate agent in Orange County CA won’t be able to sell off a property that has loads of additional and expensive curb features. While they may look great, they are unnecessary expenses which most buyers don’t wish to invest in. The homes for sale in Orange County CA that have these features become a real headache for the owners as no one wants to invest extra in pre-made exquisite landscape features. Plus, they are very expensive to maintain, hence, it is best to find low-cost and low maintenance ideas.

The curb should also be designed keeping in mind the seasons. A good landscape in Orange County CA with curb appeal must consist of physical elements like plants and flowers, in addition to constituents that look decent in all the seasons – spring, summer, fall, and wintertime.

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