Marketing and going through the process of selling a real estate property is not the most relaxed of responsibilities but then again it also is not as hard as many make it seem. The level of effort does intensify, however, when planning to sell a luxury home. With the growing list of additional efforts that go into this endeavor, comes an amplified level of know-how that is obligatory to sell a luxury real estate in Orange County CA.


What a buyer looks into while buying luxury real estate in Orange County CA

It is only fair that the best realtor in Orange County CA settles for the best level of technology. Here are some must-have technological features which are nowadays a norm for a luxury house –

  • Shades and doors that automatically open
  • Control water and fire features with the use of a remote control
  • Integrated green technology
  • Solar energy systems
  • Electric charging station in the garage for electric-powered cars

These are the type of items which make the luxury real estate in Orange County CA a deal difficult to refuse.

Some other items include

  • Home Theatre Systems
  • Wine and Tasting Rooms
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Private Gyms
  • Stylish Pools
  • In-built security systems
  • Sports Courts
  • Awesome Views

Home staging tips that a seller must consider before selling his property

In order to fulfill the luxury needs of a buyer, a seller can take into consideration the following aspects:

  • Marketing

Now, this may not be a part of the property itself, however, many experienced real estate agents consider the amount of effort and planning that goes into marketing a real estate, a crucial part of conducting smart business. Print advertising (newspapers, advertising in magazines, etc.) and direct mailing are the basic methods used while home selling in Orange County CA. When conducting the sale of a luxury home, it is imperative to consider the fact that the real estate agent on the other side of the deal uses social media.  So, making the real estate property available on the internet is a good start to the selling process.

  • Pictures and Videos

The owner should hire a photographer and take pictures of the property and make sure that the pictures come out as beautiful as possible so that they can be sent out to potential buyers.

  • Arranging for Tours

The sale of a luxury real estate in Orange County CA tends to become more lucrative for the seller after the conduction of tours. These tours help in glorifying the luxuries that the property offers, making potential buyers more desperate to invest in the property.

Why a realtor is much needed in this situation

Apart from the basics of selling luxury properties, there are plenty of nuances and other small techniques which can be addressed with the help of a professional realtor.

Real estate MLS in Orange County CA has proven to be a great success. The service helps in demonstrating the luxury of the property mainly because –

-Multiple Listing Services offer the broker who is looking to make a sale a heightened level of exposure.

– It offers a level playing field for all agents.

Gerry Goodman Real Estate Services’ Record of Serving Its Customers

Gerry Goodman Real Estate Services has a prodigious past of efficiently serving the customers through securing the best luxury real estate in Orange County CA. Recognized as the foremost player in the real estate market; the team helps people looking to have a productive real estate process in Orange County CA, by offering precisely what they need. The business has also incorporated a certain degree of poise and principles, becoming a favorite of its customers. Striving to be the best in the real estate game by delivering the best helpful home staging tips with over 25 years of experience, has not only brought in long-term customers but also long-term admirers in the form of aspiring real estate professionals. Gerry Goodman is currently operating in Orange County CA, in the cities of Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, Yorba Linda, Newport Beach, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Tustin, and Aliso Viejo.

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