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How to Figure Out Your Design Style

A lot of critics of modern interior design ideas in Orange County CA argue that the current era of interior design is one of the most unique in the history. Firstly, there is a great degree of information available for people to be aware of which design styles they are drawn to on a consistent basis. Secondly, when the right ideas have been assimilated, it is not difficult for people to find a muse in their own living space. Even though the process seems uncomplicated, there is one difficult part remaining – the hard task of choosing one specific style and sticking to it.

The Best Modern Interior Design Ideas in Orange County CA

It is difficult to pin down a specific idea because every homeowner has his or her own taste. However, there are two key areas of focus which every homeowner needs to be particular about –

  1. Time period or era of style

This aspect offers two key routes that a design enthusiast can take- going back into the past to design the room or borrowing from present or futuristic trends.

If the homeowner is looking at past interior design trends, here are the major ones that demand consideration –

  • Contemporary designs that usually include –
  • Sleek lines
  • Bold color blocks
  • 1960 colors, posters and flair
  • High ceilings
  • Bare windows
  • Geometric outlines in wall art and figures

Contemporary design allows the designer to explore a plethora of good ideas. The architectural floor plans are unique and can truly set a room apart.

  • French country – French country design is bursting with romance. Going full “La Vie En Rose” could be a very elegant move. Typical characteristics include curved furniture and opulent decorations.
  • Traditional – This involves the embodiment of “the good old days”. Definitive lines, comfortable furniture, and methodical lines sway into the core characteristics of the room.

If the designer is looking to adapt to modern interior design ideas in Orange County CA, these are the common routes to follow –

  • Modernist –Heavily influenced by modern art, modernistic interior design trends usually entails
  • Ultra clean lines
  • Minimalism
  • Artistic license
  • Self-expression of the designer
  • Warm woods (flooring and furniture)
  • Intrepid upholstery hues
  • Scandinavian – With extensive use of warm wood and area carpets, Scandinavian design is a mixture of modern and bucolic forms of expression.
  • Eclectic or Varied – Demarcated by its refusal of old-style and traditional conventions, varied or eclectic design presents the designer with a challenge of defining his own casually aesthetic rooms.
  1. Color- another key aspect of consideration

If the designer is interested in styling his home with bright and bold colors, he should base his style on the following trends –

  • Contemporary – Contemporary design is filled with daring and saturated colors like singed orange, mustard beige and navy cerulean.
  • Traditional – The key principle of traditional design is to invoke lushness. It takes in loads of deep, dark-colored shades of blood red, sapphire, and jade.

If the designer prefers to implement modern interior design ideas in Orange County CA complimenting them with a neutral color base, he should look at these conventional styles –

  • Modern – Modernist interior design’s key feature is monochromatic shades.
  • French Country – Warm, subtle and monochromatic colors.
  • Coastal – Unadulterated white and sandy colors are the pillars of coastal chic. Blue is, however, the warmest color in this school of thought.

Discovering one’s ideal interior design style for the first time is a tedious process. What’s necessary is to go with one’s instincts and experiment!

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