Newport Beach is a dream destination for many just to visit in California, let alone live there. With a delicate mix of high-end living and luxury, many enjoy visiting this serene location to simply relax and soak up the atmosphere. The heart and soul of Newport Beach encapsulate the harbor with many things to do in the area that will leave you searching for a qualified realtor in Newport Beach CA, so you do not have to leave. With eight miles of white sandy beaches lapping the Pacific coast, you often find many people congregating here after work or school and for a real luxury, whether it be for a romantic date or celebration, is the Newport Beach dinner cruise.

The Newport Beach dinner cruises are the perfect beginning to a weekend after a hectic five days at work. You can wind down underneath the moonlight, with a glass of champagne and nothing but the calm of the sea air blowing gently around you. The luxury yachts host some of the most delectable four courses California has to offer with all fresh local produce. Once you have enjoyed your delicious meal, the other diners make their way to the dock to dance under the stars as the yacht takes you around the harbor. You will be able to see the lights glistening in the distance from the coastline whilst you are peacefully dancing from afar.

As well as the Newport Beach dinner cruise, the Newport Harbor is also perfect for kayaking, which is a frequent daily activity on offer. If you want a day out, you can jump on one of the boats that organize whale watching tours to get up close and personal with the majestic animals that tour along the Pacific coast. If shopping is a little more your style, you can also get a boat from Newport Harbor over to Balboa Island where you can relax over a coffee and pastry from the boutique cafes and visit the elegant shops along Marine Avenue. This alone will have you scanning the homes for sale windows of a qualified realtor in Newport Beach CA.

For outdoor enthusiasts, you can fill your time in Newport Beach by cycling, hiking, surfing and sail with miles of trails everywhere! If you fancy yourself a golfer, Newport Beach is home to one of the world’s best Golf Courses, Pelican Hill. If you want to continue on the romantic theme, following your Newport Beach dinner cruise, you can opt for sunset cruises or paddle boarding at sunrise and sunset for the more active couples. Whatever you choose, Newport Beach only gets 10 inches of rain throughout the entire year, so you can be assured that every day holds unlimited opportunities for you.

Any of those who enjoy soaking up the culture can get their fill in Newport Beach harbor with an abundance of art walks, wine tastings and live entertainment at the restaurants and bars lining the boardwalk. You can finish off your days with an evening stroll along the beach and enjoy wonderful meals created by the hundreds of high-quality restaurants the city has to offer.

The quality of life in Newport Beach is second to none, with luxury, fine dining and endless golden beaches at your doorstep. In fact, in 2015, Newport Beach residents were found to be enjoying the highest quality of life in California according to a study that looked at education, life expectancy, and income. This is an enchanting place to live, perfect for any type of person, especially those that love to grace the beach each day for a morning swim or jog and any boat enthusiasts out there. With Newport Beach bordering the famous Huntington Beach, it is one of the most appealing places to visit and a paradise for surfers. Even if you aren’t up to date on your classic yachts, the Newport Beach dinner cruise alone will entice the most stubborn of us to consider searching for a qualified realtor in Newport Beach CA.

Many people love to live in this captivating city for other reasons than the magnificent harbor. The area is incredibly safe, with low crime rates, a great choice of schools and a thriving community for families to flourish in. Due to it being a haven for almost anyone with a pulse, especially beach goers, surfers, families and tourists, the city is practically overfilled with job opportunities, meaning ensuring a steady income is a safe bet. The average house price in Newport Beach CA is $1,462,500, however, the average household income is $107,991, 102% higher than the national average. To make it even more relative, the unemployment rate in Newport Beach is 22% lower than the national average making that beautiful house a stone’s throw away from the harbor, more affordable than you think. Furthermore, in between those torturous days of lazing under the sun, getting involved in water sports or scanning the chic boutiques, Newport Beach has a number of festivals that will appeal to all the family. This includes the Newport Beach Jazz Festival, the International Film Festival, and the Christmas Boat Parade as well as many others. The community loves an excuse to get together and celebrate living in this little corner of heaven.


Hiring a Qualified Realtor in Newport Beach CA

With over 25 years of experience and industry knowledge of the area, Gerry Goodman Real Estate Services is one of the best realtors in Newport Beach CA. Gerry and his team work to get you the nicest property for your budget and requirements. He has a long list of loyal and happy customers in the Newport Beach area that he covers, with a number of beautiful home listings that are usually sold very quickly. His understanding of the neighborhood, real values of homes and expertise when it comes to finding the right fit for you is what has put him in high demand for this long. Moving to Newport Beach is more than just getting a home; you will take on the lifestyle of this amazing area and never look back.

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