Newport Beach, CA offers a lifestyle that is truly hard to beat. If beautiful beaches, a bustling harbor, and ocean views make your list of housing requirements, Gerry Goodman is here to help. Like anywhere, Newport Beach real estate agents can be a dime a dozen. Not so with Mr. Goodman. Touch base with Gerry and put the microscope on such concerns as schools, community, HOA dues, property taxes and much more.

Newport Beach real estate agents

Why Choose Gerry Goodman Above Other Newport Beach Real Estate Agents?

Gerry knows the details of the properties he helps buy and sell like you would expect. So should every real estate agent because that’s their job. The difference with Mr. Goodman shows in his community approach. For Gerry, that approach isn’t forced. It’s home grown through 25 years of experience and working in the Orange County area. Take a closer look at the Gerry Goodman advantage in several significant aspects of the home buying (or selling) equation.

Close Attention To Detail

It’s not just every detail of a home that Gerry has his eye on. Wouldn’t you like to be aware of every opportunity to save money while buying a home? Of course, you would. Gerry Goodman is keyed into all aspects of the market and up to date on all current government programs.

For example, were you aware that first time home buyers in California can receive assistance with their HOA payments for up to 6 months? Real estate agents must submit the forms on behalf of their clients which many don’t do. This is just one example of how Gerry Goodman fights for the best possible deal.

If you’re a first time home buyer in California looking at Newport Beach real estate agents, qualify for the HOA savings now. Gerry provides the necessary forms and doesn’t wait to get them filed. Stop by Gerry’s tips for first time home buyers to make sure you don’t miss any helpful information.

A Focus On Schools

Newport Beach real estate agents

Other Newport Beach real estate agents claim to know the school system. Ask them about it and they’ll tell you they have this nifty tool that looks up all the school information. Well, Gerry Goodman has that tool right here on his website…for anyone to use at any time. A list of Newport Beach real estate agents won’t tell you how well agents really know the schools.

Ask Gerry Goodman about Mariners Elementary School while driving to see a property. He’ll tell you first off that Newport Beach school systems rank among the highest in California. You’re also likely to hear the names of families with children in attendance. That’s what Gerry’s 25 years in the business bring to the table.

Experienced In Short Sale And Foreclosure

Newport Beach real estate agents

Gerry Goodman has been certified by the National Association of Realtors as an expert in short sales. Distressed properties can be a complicated process when it comes to buying and banks selling. Gerry has the certification and experience to navigate these circumstances. He’s developed relationships with banking officials who know he gets the job done.

While other Newport Beach real estate agents avoid such properties, Gerry Goodman goes in and gets his hands dirty. It’s hard to measure the incredible benefit his short sale services bring to a community. There’s no telling how long properties will sit unattended when no one’s willing to push and get the job done.

Property Management Skills And Contacts

Gerry has the contacts to make property management work. His colleagues at Realty Network provide trusted resources for anything a house could need. If you’re buying a property for rental purposes, Gerry has property resources at your disposal like repair, landscaping, and utilities. Realty Network knows this side of the industry and ensures only professionals work on your property.

Results – A Long Track Record Of Satisfied Buyers & Sellers

Newport Beach real estate agents

After 25 years in the business, you can believe that Gerry Goodman doesn’t keep at it by failing. He is an expert in reading market value and uses historical data to come up with listing prices and offers that produce results.

Buying a house can be a stressful and often hair raising experience, especially for first time home owners. Selling usually means buying somewhere else, and it’s just as important that deals don’t fall through.

You need a companion throughout the whole process that knows the local market. More importantly, you’ll want a real estate agent you can trust. The benefit of the doubt doesn’t fly when buying or selling a house. It’s experience that builds that trust. You’ll be hard pressed to find other Newport Beach real estate agents that match Gerry’s level of experience.

Gerry Goodman Real Estate Conclusion

Newport Beach real estate agents

You have your heart set on Newport Beach, California and your heart beats true. It’s one of the most beautiful locations in the great United States of America. You’re going to have more than a couple of Newport Beach real estate agents to choose from.

Don’t rely on the less experienced. There’s an intuition that comes with 25 years as an agent which Gerry Goodman provides.

Don’t let computerized tools give you community-based information. They can tell you a school districts ranking, but they can’t provide a feel of the surrounding community. Rankings won’t be able to tell you about the neighbors when you’re considering a home.

Gerry Goodman will get you the price whether buying or selling your property and he has a high success rate of completing the whole process in under 90 days. He fights for his clients by making them aware of every possible saving like the HOA Grant Program.

Let Mr. Goodman put an end to your search for Newport Beach real estate agents. He’s honored to have you as a client, takes your best interests personally, and can answer your every question about anything having to do with Newport Beach.



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