How much does it cost to live in Orange County CA?

Deciding to jump ship and move into one of the most beautiful areas in the California is a great decision given the quality of life it provides combined with an active community. However, Orange County relocations can be both costly and expensive. To live in one of the most sought-after areas in Southern California, you need to do your research on the area you want to live in, expected house prices and many other things within the immediate vicinity.

So why Orange County relocations?

Many buyers seek out the best realtor in Orange County CA to help them hunt for properties because of the high standard of housing, the thriving community and opportunities the area brings which is often prosperity and a great base to bring up a family. There are a number of reputable schools in Orange County that contain experienced and highly qualified teachers with some of the best facilities available in the state. Children are supported and encouraged to become respectable, successful members of society and achieve their goals in life. Many students remain in Orange County when they move into employment as the average income is 12% higher than the national average for the U.S.

The cost of living in Orange County

Due to the demand in Orange County, the cost of living has jumped significantly over the last thirty years. Despite relatively average costs, the cost of living in Orange County is 53% higher than the national average. This is primarily due to the high cost of housing. However, although housing seems expensive, affordability isn’t always an issue as the average income is around $78,000 per annum, therefore very relative to the area itself.

Types of homes

The different types of homes very much determine the price a buyer would be looking to pay. Single family homes are nearing a record high at around $760,000 on average. For a condo, buyers are looking to spend on average $665,000 and for a townhouse, it is around $700,000.  Making sure that you have a highly informed and experienced realtor in the real estate market for Orange County relocations is absolutely essential when searching for properties. They should support you in securing a property at these prices and below.


Bound together by schools, members clubs, golf and other frequent social events, the community in Orange County is very close-knit and a great way to fill up your free time and climb the social ladder. There are a number of advantages to being part of a diverse and enriched community. The main benefit of Orange County relocations is the support network you will attain here. From neighborhood watch to helping, advising and recommending when it comes to tutors, holidays, career changes and charity fundraisers, having a network of the community around you will feel like more of an extended family. The community works hard to encourage success and maintain the beauty of the area itself to a very high standard.

Things to do

With Newport and Laguna Beach in close proximity, many people spend their time by the beach enjoying the surf or the beautiful harbor. Lots of locals can be found spending their free time around the many diverse shopping areas such as South Coast Plaza, Fashion Island, Brea Mall and The Market Place. These huge complexes often entertain varying groups from yummy mummies to teenagers wanting to go to a movie and a bite to eat with friends.

For those who are more active, there are a number of hiking trails in Crystal Cove State Park with wonderful vistas over the Pacific. There are also endless amounts of groups and teams that do anything active from yoga to volleyball situated. If you like to relax a little more into your sport and fancy yourself a Tiger Woods, then becoming a member of one of the high-end golf courses is a rite of passage.

The home buying process

The home buying process in Orange County CA begins with finding a well-established, reputable and hands-on realtor. Your realtor may suggest that you spend some time in the community, to get a feel for the different areas, schools and things available to you if you were to live there. It is also good to speak to locals and your potential neighbors before starting your Orange County relocations. You can get an idea of prices, as well as understanding if there are any issues in the immediate vicinity. Once satisfied, you can then get down to business with your realtor for getting an understanding of numbers and availability.

Best Realtor in Orange County CA

Gerry Goodman Real Estate works tirelessly to find the perfect home for you. As one of the best realtors in Orange County, Gerry tailors his work to the needs and requirements of each individual client. His hands-on approach to getting you exactly what you want means he has become known for finding people the property that best suits them. Just looking at testimonials from previous satisfied customers, you can see that Gerry and his successful team use analytical skills from past sales and market data to find a property that can meet the asking price of any home buyer.

With over 25 years in the real estate industry, looking for Orange County relocations is made easier with Gerry Goodman. Finding the perfect realtor in Orange County who will make your dream house in the electric Orange County community come true, without having to give over everything you own, is like gold dust.

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