Home to the stars, with year-round sunshine, beautiful rugged coastline, and some of the happiest people in America, Orange County is a destination that most wish to call home. Whether you’re seeking the famous SoCal lifestyle after living in another state, or you already call Orange County home and are looking to upgrade or switch up neighborhoods, chances are you’ll be in need of real estate services in Orange County CA.

Real estate services in Orange County CA are some of the most in-demand services in the whole state of California. With more and more families wishing to call this incredible part of the country home, thanks to its excellent links to some of the most productive cities in one of the most productive states in the United States of America, there is much work at the door of local real estate agents.

Thanks to this influx of demand, real estate services in Orange County CA have to deal with a vast range of real estate related queries and problems, making them some of the most experienced and qualified agents in the country, further making the best realtor in Orange County CA, potentially the best realtor in the United States.

Home Prices in Orange County

Despite being the most densely populated county in the entire United States, with over 3 million residents, Orange County is a secure and safe city. This safety and security, alongside stunning natural landscapes, rugged coastline, and excellent job opportunities have led to the county performing particularly highly in terms of property value. Median house prices in O.C. stand at around $750,000, which compared with $500,000 as an average for Southern California and a national average in the region of $250,000 outlines Orange County’s prominence as a thriving area for property.

This, alongside real estate services in Orange County CA suggesting that house prices in the entirety of the state will continue to grow due to California’s strong economy and that the demand for housing in the area being higher than the possible supply, makes Orange County is the perfect location for both a family home to cherish forever, and a ripe investment opportunity.

Job Security in Orange County

Equaling the high property prices is the strength of local job security. Average household income averaging in O.C. currently stands at $101,000, which is almost double the national average of a little over $51,000. Compare this with unemployment figures of 3.3% and job growth over the last year at 1.5% paints a picture of Orange County as being an impeccably stable society to build a career within.

With opportunities from globally leading and forward thinking companies, as well as a keen entrepreneurial focus, Orange County is a hub commerce, education, and economics. The likes of Walt Disney World, University of California, Boeing and Bank of America all have headquarters within a commutable distance and are large-scale employers of local people here in the county and offer a prime opportunity to build a strong and meaningful career for those with the passion to make a difference.

Gerry Goodman Real Estate Services in Orange County CA

If, after reading the above, you are now convinced of relocating to O.C., or happen to already reside there and are looking for an upgrade, contact the best realtor in Orange County CA, Gerry Goodman. No one in Orange County is more qualified, as dedicated or as experienced as Gerry Goodman. Hiring the best realtor in Orange County CA comes with obvious benefits, such as receiving in-depth information regarding different areas and neighborhoods to live in, understanding of the best areas for your commute to work, knowledge of local attractions and in-depth understanding of local infrastructure, which, for families means which are the best schools in the district and where you can find the best medical care in the area. Buying a home with the best realtor in Orange County CA is about more than just buying a house, it means buying into the community with the help of someone from the community who is aware of the importance of the community.

Gerry Goodman also has the most dedicated team in the industry, unmatched by any other local Orange County real estate brokers. The team will be able to help you out with their expertise in everything to do with homeownership, beginning in repairs and maintenance to all legal aspects of the process.

What’s more, Gerry Goodman as the best realtor in Orange County CA with over 25 years of experience in real estate services in Orange County CA will ensure his clients get the best deal on the market, whether they are buying or selling a home.

HOA Savings for the First Time Home Buyers

If this is your first time buying a home, ensure that you speak to Mr. Goodman and his knowledgeable team about HOA savings. HOA is a financial entitlement for first time home owners for up to six months to help with the costs that making your first investment on the housing market can create. Entitlements vary depending on a number of factors, but are available to most and only the best realtor in Orange County CA will be able to explain, in detail, the options and opportunities available individually to you.

Moreover, Orange County is filled to the brim with opportunities for all of its inhabitants, all ages and demographics. Orange County is a warm, community centered county, where once settled, it’ll be hard to remember what life was like before.

Contact the best realtor in Orange County CA to know about the local listings, or for enquiries about other areas in Southern California and get in touch with Gerry Goodman and his team today.

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