Tips for Selling Your Home

Tips for Selling Your Home using Social Media

Experienced real estate agents in Orange County CA like Gerry Goodman have what it takes to sell your home; they provide you guidance on for how much you should list your house, work to get your house on the market and provide execution on all the legal processes having to do with selling your home.

Most real estate agents in Orange County CA won’t tell you that you have a great deal of selling power yourself using your own social media channels. By leveraging the power of your social media use, you make your relationship with your real estate agent a true partnership by pushing their valuable efforts a little farther. The personal network that you hold within your social media platforms can be the very push your home needs to get sold.

Gerry Goodman shares a few strategies that you can use yourself to help boost the selling power of your house through social media:

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Create a Call to Action

Use your friends or followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or G+ to sell for you. When you are about to list your house for the first time, provide your (trusted) friends and followers with a story about why you are selling, what you are doing following the sale of this house, and ask them for help in selling your home my kindly sharing or retweeting the link to your home for sale. Don’t forget to include links, as you’ll have a higher chance of getting people to click when they can see photos through an attached link.

If you want to go a step further, you can let your followers know that if they help you sell your home, you may give them a nice reward for their help such as a gift certificate or special gift.

Distribute Photos with Great Comments

Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram are platforms that allow people to get quick blasts of information accompanied by photos that may get your home noticed. Provide something witty or eye-catching in the photo description or your tweet that will have followers having a little laugh while gaining helpful and valuable information about your house for sale.

Don’t Overpower Your Friends’ Feeds

While social media is a great way of using your personal networks when selling your home, chances are you likely want to keep your social media network as friends after your home is sold. Limit your posts to perhaps only two per week, as you do not want to annoy your friends or cause them to unfollow or “unfriend” you. Also, Gerry Goodman recommends that you keep your posts light, not overly verbose, and to the point. While people love reading great comments, they don’t like reading long commentaries that seemingly go on and on and on about the reasons your home is so great and why people should buy it. While leveraging your friends and followers, be respectful of the fact that they don’t need their lives to be about selling your home.

Show More Than Just Your Home

A lot of homeowners stop at showing only the actual house on their social media posts, but there is much more that could be shared to up the appeal of your home. Gerry Goodman recommends placing extra information about your home that ups its appeal such as information about your neighborhood. Include information about the schools near your house to appeal to families. Describe certain parks, landmarks, shops, or restaurants near your home to set the tone for the way life will be in the house you are selling.

Keep Safety in Mind

When you’re selling your house and trying to get the word out, be open, but not too liberal with the type of information you share. When you are posting more detailed information about your house including security details and whether the home is vacant or still occupied by your family, make sure you are careful with who you ask to share that information and the avenues in which they share it. The Internet can be a place where people with not so good intentions can lurk, looking for opportunities to take advantage of people. Be careful about making open invitations for people to come view the house, and ensure that all viewings are done through your real estate agent Orange County CA in order to protect you, the home you are selling and the assets within.

Social media platforms are where people are finding their information these days. They allow for quick sharing and quick consumption of information that allows a word to get out far and wide with minimal effort for social media users. Gerry Goodman reminds his clients that it’s always important to ensure you’re using social media safely when selling your home, but encourages all people who are selling their house to leverage the power of social media in order to be a true partner with your real estate agent.

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