One of the most beautiful spots on the Southern Californian coastline – so considered by the famous author Richard Henry Dana whom the area is named after – is Dana Point. His opinion is not without backup from the majestic local wildlife, either. Dana Point whale watching is a favored pastime for locals and visitors to the area alike, and with year-round sightings, what would usually be considered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most around the world, is just another day in paradise for those that call this stunning area home, of which you could be one among those finding a qualified top real estate agent in Dana Point CA.

Dana Point Whale Watching

There is absolutely no need to settle for Dana Point whale watching from the coastline, as being a homeowner here offers an ease of access to boat ownership that others across the country can only dream of. With harbors, and dealerships, and the options to both hook a vessel up onto a trailer to store in the driveway or garage, or in area-wide slips which make a perfect home for boats of all shapes and sizes, the opportunity for homeowners in the area to get out for themselves and see a wide variety of whales, including the Blue Whale, the largest mammal ever known to have existed, is endless and as easy as the morning commute. Many people seek out the most qualified top real estate agent in Dana Point CA, after having this knowledge alone!

Local Marine Habitats

There are over 7.5 miles of coastline to explore in Dana Point. With eco-systems ranging from sandy beaches to kelp forests, there is a diversity of marine fauna and flora that is simply mind-blowing to witness. And with boulder fields and bedrock bench tide pools as well as the open sea, there is much to enjoy for those that consider themselves amphibians over mere land-dwellers.

Dana Point is widely oriented towards local and regional marine life, with the help of conservation efforts and the likes of the Ocean Institute, the marine habitat in the area is well protected and exploited as an educational tool rather than a dumping ground, to keep it as danger free and pristine as possible for the natural environment to thrive. Leaving you and fellow residents free to enjoy what nature intended such as Dana Point whale watching, with as little hindrance or interference from external factors as possible.

SoCal Lifestyle

Dana Point’s paradisiacal surroundings and location offer up that perfect and sought after SoCal blend of an easygoing, yet community focused life. With an ever growing food scene, including the freshest seafood imaginable, a lively harbor, bars and calendar-filling festivals and events, your finger will assuredly stay on the pulse, even if that pulse rarely raises itself above what is necessary.

Professional local housing expert and qualified top real estate agent in Dana Point CA, Gerry Goodman could be your key to securing the SoCal lifestyle of your dreams. With over 25 years worth of experience in property sales in Dana Point, watching the developments of the last quarter of a century there are only a few people better placed to advise you on your next purchase or investment in the area.

Value for Money

Not only is this area a spectacular place for nature, Dana Point whale watching, and coming together with other like-minded SoCal souls, its lesser known status helps to keep average house prices at a more reasonable figure than neighboring towns such as Newport and Laguna Beach. Meaning that the boat you were going to keep in the marina can have a few more toys than you had originally thought.

Average house prices for the area sit at around $850,000, and with many offering ocean views, and mesmerizing South West coast sunsets you will be hard pressed to finding something that is not worth a whole lot more in memories and ‘once-in-a-lifetimes’.

Mingle with Fellow Go-Getters

The average income for the area is just over $98,000 meaning locals bring a certain richness of taste and air of sophistication to the community that may be few and far between elsewhere. This, combined with unemployment figures limiting themselves to a lowly 4.1% highlights an area of motivated and life-loving people, enjoying the good times and enjoying them well. The implication of this is also that Dana Point provides plenty of opportunity for all of its inhabitants, and with such a concentration of income around the area, investment is ripe and projects are continuously incoming and underway for improvements. If you find a qualified top real estate agent in Dana Point CA, such as Gerry Goodman Real Estate, they should be able to give you more local insight.

The Beautiful Homes 

Did we mention the ocean views and mind-blowing sunsets? Well, not only do the local homes come with views of splendor external from themselves, each is an individual marvel at which to ogle. With some truly fantastic architecture, from stunningly curate condominium complexes to Mediterranean-esque villas and mansions, you will oft feel as though you have been transported to the coast of Amalfi, rather than California.


Gerry Goodman Real Estate

If you happen to be a first time buyer, make sure to consider the HOA funding program. You could be eligible for up to six months HOA coverage, a program which could help you with funding and support in the quest to own your home for the first time. Local expert Gerry Goodman is a qualified top real estate agent in Dana Point CA with over 25 years worth of experience and is perfectly placed to help you in your choosing of one of these beautiful homes for yourself, first time buyer or not.

Whether buying or selling a home in Dana Point, or just here for a prolonged stay for the Dana Point whale watching and don’t want to leave, Gerry Goodman Real Estate is at your beck and call as one of the most trusted, top qualified real estate agents in Dana Point CA. You may contact Gerry Goodman Real Estate with inquiries about Dana Point housing or about the local area.

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