Finding a new home is not an easy task and you definitely cannot do it alone. The best approach is to find a reliable partner in your quest. If you manage to get the top realtor in Orange County CA on your side, you can rest assured that you will get the best deal in the region.

There are several elements that you need to take into account in order to identify the best real estate services in Orange County CA.

What does a top realtor in Orange County CA mean?

First of all, you need to differentiate between the different terms associated with the people who are licensed to help you choose a new home. There are three different categories:

  • Real estate agent – this is a person who has taken at least 100 hours of course work and then passed a state exam. As a result they have a license to sell property;
  • Broker – this is a person, who has continued their studies to get better qualification and has the right to hire real estate agents to work for them;
  • Realtor – this is a person who is either a real estate agent or a broker and is a member of the National Association of Realtors. This means that they have to adhere to a detailed code of ethics that binds them to treat clients honestly and fairly. In other words, this is a sure sign that the realtor will not hide any unpleasant facts, such as a leaking roof, from you and will do their best to secure the best deal for you.

Based on the above definition, it is fair to say that you need a qualified realtor in Orange County CA if you want to find the home of your dreams and be assured that you will receive it in the best condition and at the best price.

How to find a top realtor in Orange County CA?

If you want to find the best real estate services in Orange County CA, you need to follow a few steps that will guarantee you a reliable partner in finding a home. Here are some of the most valuable ideas that you have to consider:

Do a good online research

The internet is a reliable source of information when it comes to finding a top realtor in Orange County CA. Nowadays, we are using the online search engines to identify the best products and finding a realtor is not much different than that. Not only you can read blogs or recommendations posted by customers online, but you can use some more specific tools such as‘s, Find a Realtor search. This tool will give you detailed information about the realtors in your area such as their number, years of experience, the total number of homes sold and even the usual price of houses they are dealing with. It is a very useful basis, on which you can form your decision.

Don’t settle with the first option

One of the ways to find the best realtor in Orange County is to consult friends and family about the agent they have used. This, however, doesn’t mean that you need to settle with the first one you meet. Consider your meeting a realtor as a date. You are not going to stay with someone who is “good enough” simply because someone recommended them. Meet several realtors, feel the chemistry between you and choose the stellar one. Once you are sure that you are working with the top realtor in Orange County CA, you can relax that all your interests, including the financial ones, are in good hands.

Ask a lot of questions

Don’t be shy. Ask your realtor tons of questions. Thus, you can get to know them and decide whether they are the suitable partner in your quest for a dream home. Some of the important questions you need answers to are:

  • How long have you been doing this? – Experience is of great importance in the real estate business since this means that the realtor is familiar with all the tricks and potential pitfalls a deal faces.
  • Do you have experience in house hunting in Orange County? – Being familiar with the region is a necessity. It is better to choose a realtor with less years of experience but who has spent most of their career in the region, rather than someone who has worked more but in other parts of the state or the country.
  • Have you lived in the area? – Residing in the area is also an advantage. A realtor who has spent a good number of years in the area will be more familiar with its peculiarities than a seasoned agent who has just started working there.
  • Do you work alone or with a team? – Working alone is not a disadvantage but may turn out that the realtor is busy with too many clients and you may miss out an opportunity. Working with a team gives you more security that you will conclude a deal faster.
  • Is this your only job? – If the person you have chosen works only part-time as a real estate agent, this means that you have limited time for viewings. It may turn out that their working hours and your free time do not coincide. Therefore, you need to work out a schedule in advance. This is valid, for a full-time realtor as well.
  • Have you planned any vacations? – This may sound like a private question; however, you need to know that there is a back-up option at the time of their absence.

The top reasons why you need a good realtor

Working with the top realtor in Orange County CA means that you have access to their knowledge, professional network and your interests are protected by law. There are many reasons why working with a real estate agent is much better than trying to buy or sell a house on your own. Here are the main ones:

  • Professional expertise – a realtor is someone who has studied to get a license and knows how to handle all aspects of a deal, including working with and drafting contracts or other agreements;
  • Saving time – the agent will handle the property showing and visits and will filter incoming calls from potential clients. Due to their experience, the realtor will be able to sort out who the serious ones are;
  • Curbing costs – working with a reliable realtor is actually means that you are cutting down on costs in the long term. The agent will give you price advice and help you with other ideas that will lead to concluding a bargain deal. Thus, you may end up paying less for the property, even with the commission, rather than if you have pursued to finalizing the deal on your own;
  • Assistance after the deal – the realtor will be able to answer your questions once the deal is closed that concern property tax or document stamps;
  • No lies and hidden surprises – the realtors are bound by law to follow a code of ethics and commit to being fair and honest with their clients. If you feel that your agent has lied to you, you can address their broker, professional association or the court if you can prove that the agent failed to fulfill their duties.

Qualified Realtor in Orange County CA

Having all the above in mind, we can say that Gerry Goodman Real Estate Services is a top realtor in Orange County CA who is ready to walk the extra mile for their clients. With his over 25 years of experience in the real estate business, this is your trusted partner for selling and buying homes. Gerry and his team serve all of the Orange County areas, including Laguna Beach, Irvine, Yorba Linda, Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, Tustin, Huntington Beach, Dana Point, Newport Beach, and Aliso Viejo.

And don’t worry – having so many properties to choose from is not scary! The MLS feature (Multiple Listings Service) on the website makes it really easy to find just what you are looking for. It gives you all the important details about each property, and lets you compare them. That way, you get a very clear idea what to expect from each property.

Don’t give it a second thought. Contact Gerry Goodman for any real estate needs.

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