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Coolest Vacation Homes in California

Renting vacation homes in Orange County CA means sidestepping day to day hotel expenses, but that is not the one and only advantage it offers. Staying in a vacation house offers all the luxuries of home — a complete kitchen to use when one wishes to, laundry conveniences, and an overall sense of comfort and belonging, which most hotels fail to offer. Residing in a vacation home in California can also help in staying away from the tourist commotion to experience the easy-going Cali ambiance that lures people to the state. Here are some of the coolest vacation home destinations in California.

vacation homes in orange county ca

Best Vacation Homes in Orange County CA and Other Parts of California

Private Rental Cabins and Houses in Big Bear Lake

For people who aren’t particularly interested in the Hollywood scuffle, Big Bear Lake just might be the ideal antidote. This beautiful mountain town is ideal for ski getaways, Big Bear and is ideal for owning a small, cozy and private home as its atmosphere is pleasant in all seasons and there are a lot of activities for everyone to be an active part of.

In winter, a lot of skiers and snowboarders visit Big Bear Lake and there’s a wealth of rental cottages and houses ranging from modest to virtually palatial on offer. For enthusiasts of hiking, fishing, mountain biking, and horse riding – investing in this area with the help of a top realtor in Orange County CA is a great idea.

Houses that Exemplify Brilliant Architectural Design in San Francisco

Celebrated for its splendid Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is a vast city enfolded into a comparatively small space of 49 square miles. The metropolis’ mountainous streets and period architecture make the most densely populated city in America a tourist attraction throughout the year. San Francisco has a prodigious, easy-to-master public transport arrangement which can be used to explore the beautiful parks, museums, and restaurants scattered all around the city.

Needless to say, the beautiful landscape and tourist attractions make the prospect of owning a vacation home here extremely mouth-watering. What San Francisco doesn’t offer, however, is an abundance of low-priced family housings. Nevertheless, rental houses and flats can be a more sensible option than guesthouses, particularly for people who are planning to reside in the city for more than a month. The process of buying a house in San Francisco is as easy as renting out a house in Orange County CA – all the interested party needs to do is follow some basic steps. The money that one can save by investing in a vacation home instead of staying at a hotel can be spent on lavish home interior design options – one that matches the city’s vigor.

Cozy Condos in Santa Barbara

With wandering grey whales often spotted cavorting just off this beautiful city’s coastline, Santa Barbara is acknowledged for astonishing weather, recording over 300 days of sunshine each year. For any efficient Orange County real estate agent this place is as close to perfection as most homes offer incredible views entrenched in extraordinary natural beauty. Fondly known as the American Riviera, its delightful Spanish-style home exterior architecture and extravagant restaurants make this city a great place to buy or rent a vacation home. Rentals range from beachfront mansions to condos, but it must be stated that the prices are rather high in this area, especially if people want added facilities such as private pools and direct beach access.

Investing in vacation homes in Orange County CA and the Californian places mentioned above is a great way to escape the hassle of hotel-bookings. Plus, these places are hot-spots so the valuation of these houses is always expected to increase. In reality, it is a win-win situation for the investor.

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